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Feudalism by Mind Map: Feudalism

1. peasants/surfs

1.1. Respectability

1.1.1. there responsabities were to take care of the feilds and harvests

1.2. Rights

1.2.1. pesents didnt have any rights and rarely left there home

1.3. Enviorment

1.3.1. sufs worked on manors/plantations

2. nobles

2.1. Envierment

2.1.1. although not as wealthy as the king nobles also lived on big plantations and made money off of them.

2.2. respocabilaties

2.2.1. a noble only had to obey the lord above him. he also could set free any slave he brought into the house hold.

2.3. rights

2.3.1. a noble had the right to make money off of any group of solders he funded

3. Knights

4. Kings

4.1. rights

4.1.1. kings could do what they wanted to some degree as long as the church was ok with it. there was a power struggle between the king and the church because of this

4.2. responsibility

4.2.1. the king needed to take care of his people and keep the economy flowing

4.3. envioerment

4.3.1. the king lived a lavish life style with a big estate and many surfs to serve him.

5. Crilgy

5.1. Enviorment

5.1.1. the church spent most of there time in the church or other holy places preaching there faith to others

5.2. Responabilaty

5.2.1. they were to give guidance to the people. they were the middle man in between god and the general public also to rid them of there sins.

5.3. Rights

5.3.1. they had the right to preach the word of god to the king or other leaders