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Feudalism by Mind Map: Feudalism

1. Nobles

1.1. Responsibilities

1.1.1. Look over knights

1.2. Enviorment

1.2.1. Wherever knights were posted

1.3. Rights

1.3.1. Raise troops, coin money

2. Kings

2.1. Responsibilities

2.1.1. Tend to those in his kingdom, carry out laws and so forth

2.2. Enviorment

2.2.1. Castle, anywhere throughout his kingdom

2.3. Rights

2.3.1. More rights than anyone, can essentially do whatever he wants to do

3. Clergy/Church Officials

3.1. Responsibilities

3.1.1. Administer the necesary sacraments

3.2. Enviorment

3.2.1. Stayed within their flocks for the most part

3.3. Rights

3.3.1. Give spiritual guidance to people, gave help to knights and nobles though they werent obligated to do so

4. Knights

4.1. Responsibilities

4.1.1. Command those in the feild, lord to all of those who setteled on his land

4.2. Enviorment

4.2.1. Wherever there posted Knights may stay

4.3. Rights

4.3.1. Fight in war, coin money

5. Peasents/Serfs

5.1. Responsibilities

5.1.1. Tend to lords needs; farm, give grain portions etc.

5.2. Enviorment

5.2.1. Stuck to lords estates, never saw outside of that

5.3. Rights

5.3.1. No true rights, forced to work for lord and do whatever he says