Preparation Danish Entrepreneurship Award

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Preparation Danish Entrepreneurship Award by Mind Map: Preparation Danish Entrepreneurship Award

1. Economics:

1.1. The chosen pricing strategy and price calculations

1.2. Chosen Company type / Legal Structure

1.3. Startup budget and capital need

1.4. The finances – using an operational budget

1.5. The chosen Revenue model(s)

2. Project- and teammanagement

2.1. A project plan for the next steps of your project

2.2. How you plan to extend and involve your network including considerations about which type of persons you need to connect to project?

2.3. How you handle different people who are motivated in different ways?

2.4. Thoughts about self-leadership

3. Business Models

3.1. Which competitors do you see?

3.2. Which strategies do you wish to apply?

3.3. With the chosen strategy in mind: How can you construct the business model?

3.4. Which competencies does the chosen business model require?