Nic's Essay Brainstorming

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Nic's Essay Brainstorming by Mind Map: Nic's Essay Brainstorming

1. Are replicants human?

1.1. In Rachel's case, yes

1.1.1. Even though they have implanted memories, they have feelings about them. they have feelings like humans, which allows them to make their own choices like humans. She wants to be loved or accepted by society.

1.1.2. Also, she's not a robot. It would be a completely different story if replicants were robots.

2. Is the creature human?

2.1. Yes, because it has a human brain

2.1.1. Allows creature to think, see, and have feelings like a human Allows the creature to make choices, like a human

2.2. Yes, because it wants to be loved

2.2.1. All humans want to be loved and accepted.

3. How are Frankensiten and Blade Runner Similar?

3.1. Eyes come up a lot in both stories

3.1.1. Both stories view the eyes of some sort of creature negatively.

3.2. Replicants and the creature in Frankenstein want to to be human.

3.2.1. Rachel's a replicant, the creature's ugly. They both want to be as human as possible, to fit into their society.

3.3. Victor and the Tyrell Corporation were to ambitious, and created "monsters."

3.3.1. Victor created a monster that ended his world, Tyrell corporation created monsters that could destroy the human race.

3.4. The creature in Frankenstein and Roy (replicant) wanted to make their creators suffer the way they did.

4. What does society have to do with both of the stories?

4.1. Society doesn't accept different people or ideas

4.1.1. Like how most of the people at Ingolstadt didn't like how Victor liked the old ideas of past philosophers.

5. Creator v. Creation

6. What Were the intentions of Victor?

6.1. "A new species would bless me as it's creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me. No father could claim the gratitude of his child so completely as I should deserve theirs" (44).

6.1.1. Victor wanted to create something so magnificent that he would be praised for and proud of.

7. What were the creatures intentions?

7.1. Get a wife

7.2. Be loved

7.3. Make Victor Suffer

8. What was the Tyrell Corperation's Intensions?

8.1. "More human than human"

8.2. What from the tyrell corporation backfires?