Alisha's Essay Brainstorming

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Alisha's Essay Brainstorming by Mind Map: Alisha's Essay Brainstorming

1. Blade Runner

1.1. Characters

1.1.1. Roy Batty Quotes "Batty: We're not computers, Sebastian, we're physical."

1.1.2. Tyrell Quotes "Tyrell: I'm impressed. How many questions does it usually take to spot them?"-- referring to Rachael

1.1.3. Rachael Thoughts human? Replicant? Quotes "Rachael: I'm not in the business... I *am* the business. "-- after killing Leon

1.1.4. Deckard

1.2. Symbols

1.2.1. Eyes Sets the difference between human and replicant

1.2.2. Photos Childhood memories Rachels's photos

1.2.3. Toys

1.2.4. Animals

2. Frankenstein

2.1. Characters

2.1.1. Creature Human? Adapting to human characterists Feelings- starting to get the same as humans Desiring a loving wife Demon? Hunts Victor in his dreams Victor= scared of the Creature

2.1.2. Victor Living in fear Fears that the Creature will destroy his family Despair The wife and the mother both died due to his creation

3. Themes

3.1. Isolation vs. Society

3.1.1. Frankenstein Creature destroys Victor's Society Living in Fear Victor was scared of his creation

3.1.2. Blade Runner Replicants have a society Tryell and Deckard dont have any society New node Living in fear Humans are scared of the Replicants

3.2. Ambition vs. Madness

3.2.1. Frankenstein Victor= desperate to make this creature Makes his creature then it backfires

3.2.2. Blade Runner Deckard- wants to go out to catch the replicants- ambition