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Today's learners in tomorrow's world: Info lit skills for the future by Mind Map: Today
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Today's learners in tomorrow's world: Info lit skills for the future

Let your imagination go wild



more interaction with the academic staff, New node

Personalised subject/liaison pages

access to technology

Unitec provided (hardware and bandwidth restrictions)

Still providing students with what they might not have at home!!!

student provided (cost to student)

subsidised kindles with packages

flexible learning spaces

technology skills

using computers, cellphones, mp3 players, etc

using ever changing social networking sites

Concern: neded to correct current inequality around IT skills

Online community-building

librarian forum for sharing ideas

No need for traditional library services in mind of users eg. books!

Defining what library services are...

Depending on discipline, type of user...

students can learn from each other - not just from lecturer


lecturers have wide variety of technology skills

Librarians' anxieties rather than user anxieties

'Comfort zone'

need the freedom to be creative and try new things

freedom to make mistakes

encouragement to spend time to learn about web 2.0 tools

Give me the answer now!

No >:(

The first steps to searching

Which source?

Search strategies

Susie's a myth - she just wants to pass with minimum effort

essays with no real research, just cut and paste

New node

We still can't let Susie's laziness detract from those willing to learn...

copyright (or wrong)

creative commons licensing

Students still need to learn how to evaluate information. How will they do this?

Librarians! :)

Great reason for libraries to be on Facebook etc. We have to market promote and make sure we are in the 'conversation", Hmmm.... I always think that if I'm a young librarian and I don't want to be facebook friends with the library, who would???