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A.S.P.E.C.T. by Mind Map: A.S.P.E.C.T.

1. Authority

1.1. Who wrote it?

1.2. Look for the authors or publishers name

1.3. Look for similar work from this author/publisher

2. Evenness

2.1. Is it unbiased?

2.2. Does the author recognize other points of views?

2.2.1. New node

3. Coverage

3.1. Does it cover everything you need to know?

3.2. Does your source provide information that is relevant to your needs?

4. Timeliness

4.1. When was it published?

4.2. Is it timely to your time period?

5. Sources

5.1. Where the information come from?

5.2. Is the information presented as a fact?

5.3. Is their any documentation such as a bibliography?

6. Purpose

6.1. What was the reason for this to be written?

6.2. Was it written to inform,educate,entertain or sell?

6.2.1. New node