Guy Montag

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Guy Montag by Mind Map: Guy Montag

1. 1. Call to Adventure

1.1. Talks to Clarisse (meeting with goddess?)

1.1.1. Doesn't like how Clarisse makes him think Pushes her away sometimes Mean to hide feelings

1.1.2. Still trying to form ideas Thinks that something is wrong, but not sure

1.2. Mildred tries to commit suicide with sleeping pills

1.2.1. Shocks Guy

1.2.2. Realizes how unhappy everyone is

1.2.3. Confirms his suspicions generated by Clarisse Something is wrong in the world Oppressed Thinks that books might help him figure out how to fix the problem

2. 2. Refusal of Call

2.1. Continues to be firefighter despite Clarisse (later accepts after Mildred almost dies)

3. 3. Crossing the First Threshold

3.1. Takes book from old woman

3.2. Skips a day of work, confronts Beatty

4. 4. Belly of the Whale

4.1. Reveals books to Mildred

4.2. Clarisse killed

5. 5. Road of Trials

5.1. Contacts Faber, makes plans

5.1.1. Original plan to plant books in firemen's houses to expose corruption (but corruption would be faked. the real corruption would not be exposed)

5.1.2. New plan occurs after house is burned and is actually feasible unlike book planting plans (in firemen's houses) Comes to terms with own insignificance Uses higher powers (war) to assist Will wait until war is over, then step in Can maybe save survivors from the mistakes his society made (oppression of intellect)

5.2. Wife reports him, House and books are burned

5.2.1. Ultimate desertion of Mildred, cannot save her

5.2.2. House gone: symbolic for loneliness even though didn't really like house Self-dependent now

5.3. Atonement with the Father

5.3.1. Confronts and burns Captain Beatty Takes action for first time although subconscious Says "we never burned right" Formulates opinion Defends Faber and pride In the end, realizes how stupid an action it was. Begins to take more care in actions

5.4. Mechanical Hound is sent after Guy

5.4.1. During escape, thinks about opinions/life in general Realizes why burning is bad (Time burns everything/everyone, someone must create) Decides to devote life to saving the survivors Phoenix but can learn from mistakes

5.5. War begins, city is blown up, wife dies

5.5.1. Can begin to carry out plan

6. Isabelle Phinney

7. 6. Ultimate Boon

7.1. Meets "rouge professors", becomes a part of them, remembers stories

7.2. Begins walk back to city to save survivors

8. Thesis: Fahrenheit 451 is the story of Guy Montag, a hero whose initial self-doubt and ignorance evolves into assertiveness and self-acceptance through his quest to salvage the lost remains of human nature.