Website Evaluation

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Website Evaluation by Mind Map: Website Evaluation

1. A-----Authority

1.1. Who wrote it? Verify their credentials.

2. P-----Purpose

2.1. Why was it written? (For information, persuasion,

3. C-----Coverage

3.1. How thoroughly is your topic covered?

4. E-----Evenness

4.1. Is the perspective balanced?

5. S-----Sources

5.1. What documentation does the author provide?

6. Is it biased? For some topics you will need an unbiased website to get the right information.

7. T-----Timeliness

7.1. Is it up to date?

8. Why Evaluate?

8.1. Because anyone can put anything online.

9. You don't want to use an article written in 2001, if you are researching an event from 2007. Or, if it hasn't been updated in five years, (depending on the topic) use another site that has.

10. If you need an article about physiology, you don't want one written by a plumber.

11. One paragraph won't do for a five page essay.

12. No documentation might mean some of it's information is not true. Don't trust it!

13. Who created this? Who maintains it?

14. Is there good stuff, bad stuff, or garbage on the site?