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A.S.P.E.C.T by Mind Map: A.S.P.E.C.T

1. Be sure that you know if the author has written anything else.

2. A: Authority

3. Verify the author's credentials.

4. Make sure you know who the publisher is.

5. S: Sources

6. Make sure you know what sources the author used while making their work.

7. Does the website support the information found in their sources?

8. If you're not familiar with the sources that the author has cited, take the time to evaluate those websites.

9. P: Purpose

10. What is the purpose of this website?

11. Is the purpose to entertain? Inform? Sell? Is it directed to a specific audience? It's your job to find this information using Web Evaluation.

12. You can usually find a website's purpose in the "About Us" link.

13. If the website isn't properly maintained, you shouldn't use it's information.

14. To make sure the site is properly maintained and working, look for any dates (publishing dates, updated dates, etc.)

15. E: Evenness

16. Make sure that the website is not biased.

17. Be sure that the website covers both sides of the topic.

18. C: Coverage

19. Ask yourself: Does it support other information? Is it relevant? Is it understandable?

20. Make sure that the information supports the information you found in other sources.

21. T: Timeliness