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A.S.P.E.C.T by Mind Map: A.S.P.E.C.T

1. Look for the sponsoring agency and the authors.

1.1. Who wrote it?

1.2. Who published it?

2. Evenness

2.1. New node

3. Authority

4. Purpose

4.1. New node

5. Coverage

5.1. New node

6. Sources

6.1. New node

7. Timeliness

7.1. New node

8. Check if it is bias and see that issues have equal coverage.

8.1. Is there an equal treatment of perspectives?

8.1.1. New node

9. Sometimes web sites have articles that are Individually dated. If these dates are current, you have a clue that the site maintained and updated on a regular basis.

9.1. When was it written??

9.2. When was it written??

10. Check the Reputation.

10.1. How thoroughly is your topic covered?

10.2. How thoroughly is your topic covered?

11. Mission statements, typically in a link called "About us."

11.1. Why was this source written?

12. Insist that the web site can back it up.

12.1. What documentation does the aurthor provide?