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1. Authority

1.1. Who wrote it?

1.2. Who published it?

1.3. *look for the sponsoring agency and the authors.

1.4. Can you locate author's credentials?

2. Timelines

2.1. When was it written?

2.2. Is the site current and up to date?

3. Evaluating

3.1. Why evaluate?

3.1.1. Because anyone can put anything on the internet.

3.2. How do I evaluate?

3.2.1. Authority

3.2.2. Accuracy

3.2.3. Bias

4. Outcomes

4.1. Evaluate the usefulness and relevance of any source.

4.2. Define and apply evolution criteria to any source.

4.3. Use quality sources of information for your research.

5. Sources

5.1. What documentation does the author provide?

5.2. Are the facts and statistics documented?

5.3. If documentation/sources are included, are they from credible sources?

6. Purpose

6.1. Why was this source written?

6.2. Mission statements

6.3. Does the source argue a perspective or specific opinion?

6.4. Is the source intended to entertain or sell?

6.5. Is the content aimed at a general audience, or is it written for readers with experience in the subject?

6.6. Is the source too basic, too technical, too advanced?

6.7. Is the source just right for your research needs?

7. Evenness

7.1. Is there an equal treatment of perspectives?

7.2. Only one side or a balanced perspective?

7.3. Does the author recognize other points of view?

7.4. Is the information presented objectively?

7.5. If the source is biased, does the author acknowledge the bias?

8. Coverage

8.1. How thoroughly is your topic covered?

8.2. Is it what you need?

8.3. Is the information new? Does it support what you have found in other resources?

8.4. Is the source comprehensive or inclusive enough for your needs?

8.5. Does this source provide information that is relevant to your needs?