ASPECT: Website Evaluation

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ASPECT: Website Evaluation by Mind Map: ASPECT: Website Evaluation

1. Evennes

1.1. Does the website have a balanced perspective?

1.2. Bias information means you need to look for other viewpoints.

1.3. Finding who funds it can lead you to whether or not the information is bias.

1.4. Check if both sides have equal coverage.

2. Coverage

2.1. Does the website cover all the information needed?

2.2. Compare information found on the website to other sources.

2.3. Check the reputation of the site.

2.4. Is the information new or relevant?

3. Timelines

3.1. Is the information on the website up to date?

3.2. Copyright dates are vague.

3.3. Is the date appropriate to your topic?

3.4. If the only date you find is that day, then it might be an automatic programed date.

4. Authority

4.1. Who created the website?

4.2. Look for the sponsoring agency and authors.

4.3. Read the about us tab.

4.4. Look for the authors credentials.

5. Sources

5.1. What type of sources does the website use?

5.2. Look for where the author got the information.

5.3. Check if the sources back up the information.

5.4. Take time to evaluate sources if they don't look familiar.

6. Purpose

6.1. Why was the website created?

6.2. Look for a mission statement or purpose.

6.3. Does the site fit your needs?

6.4. Is the information aimed at a specific audience?