Frankenstein vs Bladerunner

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Frankenstein vs Bladerunner by Mind Map: Frankenstein vs Bladerunner

1. Creator vs Creation

1.1. Blade Runner

1.1.1. Tyrell Corp. creates the replicants for labor on other planets Creations are not treated as humans, rebel against humans, kill creator (Tyrell) humans aim to exterminate replicants

1.2. Frankenstein

1.2.1. Victor creates his creature for knowledge/accomplishment Immediately abandons creature, left to fend for himself, kills Victor's family members victor pursues his creature

2. Creations vs Society

2.1. Blade Runner

2.1.1. Replicants are not accepted as humans, must live in hiding from Blade Runners Leon's photos - only connection to replicants' own humanity Live in fear of being killed by blae runners

2.2. Frankenstein

2.2.1. Society is disgusted by creation's appearance Books (Paradise Lost) - creature's connection to humanity and humans. Lives afraid of scaring humans although he has good intentions.

3. Revenge

3.1. Frankenstein

3.1.1. Kills Victor's family in order to get revenge for abandoning him and not creating a mate for him.

3.2. Blade Runner

3.2.1. Kills Tyrell for limiting their life span and creating them to be slaves and outcasts

4. Technology's impact on society

4.1. Creation of life = divine ability

4.1.1. Victor studies to create a life form Hurts his own health creating his creature, creature causes havoc to his family.

4.1.2. Tyrell corp uses science and technology to mass create replicants Creations rebel, are not accepted into human society

5. Meaning of being human