Blade Runner vs. Frankenstein

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Blade Runner vs. Frankenstein by Mind Map: Blade Runner vs. Frankenstein

1. Photos vs. books

2. Responsibility

2.1. A "parents'" responsibility to take care of child

2.1.1. Victor abandons Creature, Tyrell Corporation exiles Replicants to another planet

3. De Lacey family vs. Sebastian

3.1. Closest connection to their creators

4. What it means to be human

4.1. Frankenstein

4.2. Blade Runner

4.3. Humans playing the role of God

4.4. Technologies dehumanizing us

4.5. Emotions

4.5.1. Replicants are learning to have emotions Need a 4 year life span

4.6. Creature is kind

4.6.1. Feels bad about poverty of DeLacey family so collects wood for them

5. Nature vs. Nurture

5.1. Creature

5.1.1. Kind acts are faced with cruelty

6. Corruption of humanity

6.1. Blade Runner

6.1.1. Human relationships destroyed by technology - hardly interact with each other

6.1.2. Differences between Tyrell's house and Sebastian's house - big difference

6.2. Frankenstein

6.2.1. Not accepting

7. Rise of technology/knowledge

7.1. Frankenstein

7.1.1. Search for knowledge led to creation of Creature and his monstrous actions

7.2. Blade Runner

7.2.1. Overtakes Earth

7.2.2. Faces consequences

7.2.3. Seeking knowledge led to the creation of the Replicants --> rebels