My career ideas/choises

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Career by Mind Map: Career

1. Farm

1.1. Organic

1.2. Small or Large

1.2.1. Large What animals Where

1.2.2. Small What animals Where

2. Food only Supermarket

2.1. To be supplied only by small time farms, no big farms

2.2. Mainly invest in meat mainly

3. Skiing

3.1. Ski Rental Shop

3.1.1. Where? Verbier Les Arcs The three valleys

3.2. New resort

3.2.1. Where? Switzerland France Austria

3.2.2. What type of runs do people like best? Terrain

4. Percy Pigs

4.1. Buy that sector off of Mn'S

4.2. Co-own in with Mn'S

5. Universities

5.1. Which one?

5.1.1. Farming Reading

5.1.2. Business