Ethical Dilemma

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Ethical Dilemma by Mind Map: Ethical Dilemma

1. Ethical Principals:

1.1. Veracity

1.1.1. Presenting information truthfully and accurately

1.2. Fidelity

1.2.1. OT has made a commitment to provide the needed services, but also a commitment to be truthful and accurate.

2. Description of Dilemma

2.1. OT who works on-call services

2.2. Assigned to work at a long-term care facility

2.3. Only notes on clients are irregular and inconsistent

2.4. Asked to write discontinuation summaries for reimbursement, even though OT has never seen the clients

3. Moral Distress or Ethical Dilemma?

3.1. Ethical Dilemma!

3.2. OT has obligations to follow the Code of Ethics and perform service they were hired

3.3. Argument both for and against the morally acceptable course of action.

4. Stakeholders

4.1. occupational therapist

4.2. long term care facility

4.3. medical records director

4.4. part-time OT

4.5. on-call OT company

5. Additional Knowledge: What is a Discontinuation Summary?

5.1. Summarizes occupational therapy services

5.1.1. 1.) client information

5.1.2. 2.) summary of intervention process

5.1.3. 3.) reccomendations

6. Core Values:

6.1. Truth

6.1.1. Be truthful in all forms of communication

6.2. Prudence

6.2.1. OT needs to make decision on the basis of reason

7. Standards of Conduct:

7.1. Veracity

7.1.1. 3C.) Record and report in an accurate and timely manner and in accordance with applicable regulations all information related to professional or academic documentation and activities

7.1.2. 6F.) Do not participate in any forms of communication that contain false, fradulent, deceptive, misleading, or unfair claims or statements

7.2. Fidelity

7.2.1. 1B.) Abide by policies, procedures, and protocols when serving or acting on behalf of a professional organization or employee to fully and accurately represent the organization's official and authorized positions

7.2.2. 5E) Take actions to resolve incompetent, disruptive, unethical, illegal, or impaired practice in self or others

8. 2 Potential Courses of Action

8.1. 1.) The OT decides to complete the documentation

8.1.1. Pros: Facility earns payment OT protects OT on maternity leave Respect at new facility

8.1.2. Cons: OT may lose their job, license, etc. Part-time OT may face reprocussions Facility could be fined or face legal trouble

8.2. 2.) The OT refuses to sign document and reports the medical records director

8.2.1. Pros: OT sticks to their morals Follows the Code of Ethics Assures OT will not face greater, long term consequences

8.2.2. Cons: OT may get fired Facility would not get paid OT on maternity leave may face consequences: reprimanded, probation, suspension, etc. Medical records director in trouble

9. Best Course of Action?

9.1. Option #2: The OT refuses to sign document and reports medical director

9.1.1. Follows the code of ethics

9.1.2. Truthful

9.1.3. Refrains from participating in false and misleading communication (6F)

9.1.4. Document would have been inaccurate (3C)

9.1.5. Sticking to protocol (1B)

9.1.6. Takes action to resolve unethical situation (5E)

10. The End!

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