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CSS Zen Garden by Mind Map: CSS Zen Garden

1. Solutions

1.1. Horizontal Navigation

1.1.1. Pros Can fit large amount of text neatly Different to the norm

1.1.2. Cons Usability Inability to edit HTML to optimise horizontal navigation Compatibility across browsers and devices Own confidence as beginner in web design Some cultures may not read left-to-right

1.2. Minimal Design

1.2.1. Strong emphasis on design structure

1.2.2. Ability to focus on typography and colour

1.3. Vertical Navigation

1.3.1. Pros Simpler CSS = cross browser and device compatibility

1.3.2. Cons Harder for design to "stand out from the crowd"

1.4. Image replacing text

1.4.1. Pros Flexibility to design without editing HTML Ability to use interesting fonts

1.4.2. Cons SEO Larger file size

2. Limitations

2.1. Lots of text

2.2. Can't edit HTML

2.3. File size under 200kb

2.4. Beginner Photoshop skills

3. Elements

3.1. pageHeader

3.2. quickSummary

3.3. preamble

3.4. supportingText

3.5. footer

3.6. linkList