Amazon Daylight Lamp results

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Amazon Daylight Lamp results by Mind Map: Amazon Daylight Lamp results

1. Performance of the lamp

1.1. The lamp is not heating up

1.1.1. The lamp doesn't burn the casing

1.1.2. The lamp doesn't consume to much power

1.1.3. The lamp is safe to pick up after use

1.2. The lamp doesn't cause side effects

1.2.1. The lamp does not cause headaches and nausia

1.2.2. The lamp doesn't flicker

1.3. The lamp is perfectly silent

1.4. The lamp's light is enjoyble

1.4.1. The lamp's light is uniform The lamp's light is diffuse

1.4.2. The lamp's light has proven therapeutic effects The lamp can display different colors (!)

1.4.3. The lamp's light is not violent

1.5. The lamp's luminosity is at least 10.000 lux

1.5.1. The lamp can treat you at 30 of 40 cm distance

1.5.2. The lamp's luminosity can be adjusted

1.6. The treatment is efficient and convenient

1.6.1. The lamp can treat you quickly

1.6.2. The lamp can be used at any time of the day

2. External look and feel + packaging

2.1. The lamp is well designed

2.1.1. The lamp is robust The lamp is not made of cheap plastic The lamp can easily be displaced without falling appart

2.1.2. The lamp is stable

2.1.3. The lamp can easily be taken appart if needed The user can replace broken LED's The user can replace the battery if broken or for longer usage

2.1.4. The lamp is aesthetically pleasing

2.2. The lamp is easy to configure and use

2.2.1. The lamp has preprogrammed settings for therapy programs The advised time depending on the luminosity is given

2.2.2. The lamp is intuitive to configure and use

2.2.3. The lamp controls are responsive

2.2.4. The display of the lamp is clear enough to read the instructions even when the lamp is at full power

2.3. The lamp can be used in different angles of illumination

2.3.1. The lamp is fixable on the wall

2.3.2. The lamp can stare down The lamp can reach above a normal desktop PC screen

2.3.3. The lamp can stare upwards at different angles

2.4. The lamp has a convenient power supply

2.4.1. The power cord of the lamp is long enough

2.4.2. The power supply has plugs for everywhere in the world (see Apple)

2.4.3. The connection for the power cord is located conveniently

3. Portability

3.1. The lamp has a small size

3.1.1. The lamp fits on a crowded desk

3.1.2. The lamp fits in a small travel bag

3.1.3. The lamp is easy to store The battery of the lamp remains charged after long periods of storage

3.1.4. The lamp doesn't attract to much attention

3.2. The lamp is lightweight

3.2.1. The lamp can be easily carried

3.3. The lamp is battery powered

3.3.1. The lamp's batteries last a couple of days of normal use

3.4. The lamp is provided with travel protection

4. Additional functions

4.1. The lamp has a timer function

4.1.1. The lamp's timer function can dim or stop the lamp automatically

4.1.2. The lamp's timer displays the time until the end of the advised treatment time

4.2. The lamp has an alarm function

4.2.1. The user has the ability to program the time laps between light and sound The alarm function can communicate with tools detecting the sleep patern to wake at the optimal timing

4.2.2. The alarm has a sperate snooze function for light and sound

4.3. The lamp can mimic a sunrise and sundown

4.4. The efficiency is proven clinically

4.5. Money back if not happy after 60 days

5. Current uses

5.1. At the office, often placed above the computer screen

5.2. During breakfast

5.3. As a lamp

5.3.1. While reading the newspaper or a book