The New PreserveNet

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The New PreserveNet by Mind Map: The New PreserveNet

1. precident

1.1. commercial job sites (monster, simplyhired, indeed, etc.)

1.2. APA Jobs Online (good filter functionality):

1.3. community more like planetizen


2.1. greater user interactivity

2.2. improved information architecture

2.3. develop more robust platform (Drupal)

2.4. build a more web 2.0-like community, supporting user-generated content

2.5. improve site admin features

2.6. update look n' feel

2.6.1. clean

2.6.2. simple

2.6.3. intuitive


3.1. content

3.1.1. vacancy listings jobs internships automated NCPE application process volunteer opportunities

3.1.2. news

3.1.3. events browse by calendar, or browse by Gmap

3.1.4. links searchable/sortable via interconnected taxonomy user-submitted/rated/updated (fixes broken links) descriptions of linked site content

3.1.5. forum more engaging security/anti-spam

3.1.6. education searchable/sortable ncpe degree prog. database more in-depth program profile pages online payment/ordering system for pubs user-updated fellowship/funding links

3.1.7. organizations profiles of companies/orgs

3.2. new features

3.2.1. links as wiki user submission form user link ratings

3.2.2. thesis uploads?

3.2.3. school/professor ratings? (dangerous but helpful)

3.2.4. industry employment stats (like BLS occupational outlook)

3.2.5. advanced job search (by type, locale, salary, etc.)

3.2.6. site poll collect job market stats

3.2.7. user profile resume uploads

3.2.8. donate/payments widget (via paypal)

3.2.9. organization profiles

3.2.10. user admin panel administer content (jobs, events, etc.) email alerts favorites (mark links, jobs, and other content types as "favorites")

3.2.11. advanced forum resume critiques student discussion area

3.3. admin features

3.3.1. auto expire listings

3.4. design

3.4.1. logo/branding

3.4.2. web 2.0 buttons & icons

3.4.3. retain connectivity in color scheme

4. long-term stuff

4.1. preservation advocacy center

4.1.1. action alerts (e.g. teardowns, local controversies, etc. stuff that doesn't make the national press)

4.2. open-source classroom (alla )

5. domain

5.1. moving from cornell address important to demonstrate neutrality and encourage students from other programs to participate

5.2. owned by "pres. inst.", acquire and see if owner will trade (sweeten with free web design work)

5.3. parked... investigate acquisition