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LabLynx App & Site Icons by Mind Map: LabLynx App & Site Icons

1. Properties

1.1. The idea is to represent apps as the LabLynx Periodic Table of Applications

1.2. An app is represented by an App Symbol which is a 2 or 3 letter designation reflective of the name of the app.

1.3. App/Site Name can be placed next to FA icon

1.3.1. Create App Icon as a Font Awesome (FA) icon with a black border square box around the App Symbol Box Line Width - TBD Symbol Font - Ubuntu Periodic Table Symbol for App in center of box

1.4. FA icon should be added to the FA library on each LabLynx website and app.

1.5. Example Icons

1.5.1. Notes on these examples 1. The only FA part is the letter(s) and the box. 2. The app name and background color is not part of the FA. This allows that to be set on the content page or menu or whatever 3. Note that as FA the text and box colors can be set.

2. Bottom Line

2.1. LabLynx is a client solution oriented company

2.2. Solutions = Apps + Services

2.3. The more the apps fit the solution the more money we make. The less the apps fit, the more services we need to fill the gap for the solution and the more time it takes to implement and the less money and more risk we have.

2.4. We will take services and look for opportunities to productize the service into an app that can be sold over and over. When we do that we need to create an icon for that app and put a price on it. The more we do this, the less gap between the apps used to deliver a complete solution. This moves us to our goal of 80% Product + 20% Services = 100% Client focused solution.

2.5. Example Solution

2.5.1. Life Hope Apps - S ELab LiMS - EL LabDrive - Ld myLabCare - LC Gettested - Gt - OS Labvia - Lv Labvia Pi - Pi Services LiMShelp - Lh

3. Apps, Devices & Sites (Products) Symbols

3.1. Platforms

3.1.1. - S

3.1.2. LiMShelp - H

3.1.3. OpenSocial - O

3.1.4. JetSoft - J

3.2. Apps

3.2.1. Informatics Apps ELabLiMS - EL ELabNotes - EN ELabForms - EF ELabDrive - LD ELabPortal - EP ELabStudio - ES myLabCare - LC Gettested - GT

3.2.2. Business Apps OpenApps - OA ERP LMS Wiki JetOffice - JO User Dashboard Email Messaging File Sharing Websites Discussion Groups Single & Social Sign-in Office Apps

3.2.3. Social Apps LiMSforum - LF LiMSwiki - LW - SM - WP

3.2.4. Developer Apps - SF sciStudio - ST Labvia - LV LabVista - VS

3.3. Devices

3.3.1. Labvia Pi - Pi

3.3.2. SICKit - SK

3.4. Services

3.4.1. Consulting - CN

3.4.2. Implementation - IM

3.4.3. Development - DV

3.4.4. Integration - IN

3.4.5. Cloud - CH

3.4.6. Support - ST

3.4.7. Compliance - CS

3.4.8. Business Services - BU

3.5. Industries

3.5.1. Analytical - AN

3.5.2. Environmental - EV

3.5.3. Forensics - FO

3.5.4. Government - GV

3.5.5. Healthcare - HC

3.5.6. Life Science - LC

3.5.7. Manufacturing - QC

3.5.8. Your Lab - Y

4. Reasoning

4.1. LabLynx currently has a large and growing library of products. Listing those products with bespoke logos gives a disjointed look. The cost for the bespoke design is time consuming and costly and the usage of the bespoke logo's will cause conflict with our single focus LabLynx brand.

4.2. We need a consistent style consisting of:

4.2.1. Development - Build icon as Font Awesome (FA)

4.2.2. Font for App Symbol Element - Ubuntu Adobe Clean Serif Font is the inspiration for our font. Similar to Adobe Clean Font but with a Free Use license I am open to alternate font suggestions Suggest we select a corporate font standard

4.2.3. Shape - Square

4.2.4. Size - Programmatically Variable

4.2.5. Thematic Color Scheme - Programmatically Variable using Metro Style colors

4.3. In order to achieve consistent styling, we need a square icon to represent each product:

4.3.1. Use the Periodic Table of Applications as the motif for the design because it strikes a logical cord with our client base.

4.3.2. Adobe was the source of inspiration for this and when you look at their library of apps you start to see the periodic table.

4.4. We need to be able to programmatically drive the use of the product icon within sites and apps so that usage is controlled and consistent:

4.4.1. Menus

4.4.2. Favicons

4.4.3. embedded linking icon within content

5. Solutions = Products + Services

5.1. This formula matches the root menu of the LabLynx Site:

5.2. The LabLynx Periodic Table of Apps looks at solutions for our clients from the Chemistry perspective. You can build any sort of molecule from atoms and use molecules to make things so if the apps are the elements (atoms), then the apps plus configuration services yield a client solution Solution = Apps + LabLynx Services It is like a chemical formula look at the new LabLynx site menu. The root menu reflects this formula

5.3. Every product we have we spend time and money to make because a solution for a client depends on it. If we make a product that will be charged for as a line item on an invoice then we need an icon for that product and it requires maintenance and basically a P&L

5.3.1. On Industry Solution pages we will have a miniature periodic table of applications used to formulate the solution

5.3.2. User clicks the app icon and it takes them to the app page that fully describes the product

5.3.3. The solution page describes how and why the products are used as part of the solution.