Abolitionist Project

I am trying to accelerate the Abolitionist Project using an easy three step method of abolishing all unnecessary suffering on Earth.

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Abolitionist Project by Mind Map: Abolitionist Project

1. 3 Step Solution

1.1. 0. Why Should We Do This?

1.1.1. Wall of Suffering

1.2. 1. Learn

1.2.1. Cooperation

1.2.2. First Admit Ignorance Realize Truth Quiz

1.2.3. Relevant Public Policy Issues

1.2.4. Obstacles Inefficient Resource Allocation Irrationality Polarizing Thinking Ignorance Tyranny of the Minority over the Majority Human Brain Article

1.2.5. Think by Numbers Suffer by Numbers Why Think By Numbers? Logo Design Site Design Wisdom of Crowds Problems What is a problem? Numbers are Boring Vote! Podcast Establish Debate Forum Recording Setup Solicit Debaters Send USB Recorders to Debaters Blog How to Obtain Eyeballs Make it Entertaining Gamification as Motivational Tool

1.3. 2. Decide

1.3.1. Identify Most Effective Solution 1. Brainstorm 2. Select 3. Evaluate

1.3.2. Problem Suffering Qualities of Suffering Cause Solution

1.3.3. Crowdsourcing Utopia Project

1.3.4. Obstacle No "Control Society" Exists How to Overcome Cost-Benefit Analysis on Solutions

1.3.5. Public Policy Change Wait Measure Suffering Measure "Control Society"

1.3.6. Hedonometrics Hedonometer Neural correlates or pain and pleasure

1.3.7. Potential Solutions Hedonistic Imperative Obstacles Before Hedonistic Imperative After Hedonistic Imperative Quantimodo Systematize Large Scale Scientific Studies or Happiness Maximization Techniques

1.4. 3. Act

1.4.1. Helpful Steps

1.4.2. Allocate Resources Charitable Foundation for the Abolition of Suffering

1.4.3. Crowdsourcing Utopia Website OpenSourceUtopia.com Crowdsourced Database Main Page Components of Website

2. Abolitionist Political Party

2.1. Potentially work with felicifia.org

2.2. Advantages

2.2.1. Everyone Agrees with Us

2.2.2. Everyone is a Utilitarian What Stops Us? Solution

2.3. Branding

2.3.1. The Term Abolition Good Because it Takes Advantage of Loss Aversion Bias Loss Aversion

3. Establish constant cash flow

3.1. Profitable businesses

3.1.1. Research markets

3.1.2. Dave book?

3.2. Passive income

3.2.1. Monetize domains perhaps