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Abolitionist Project by Mind Map: Abolitionist Project
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Abolitionist Project

It’s time to stop fucking around. It’s time to end suffering. Beneath all the politics, the basic objective of everyone is ultimately to minimize the amount of suffering in the world. There are 3 steps that must be performed in order to accomplish this shared imperative of minimizing suffering.

3 Step Solution

By repeating this process for different issues, we can finally start to fix some of the problems that have plagued humanity for so long.

0. Why Should We Do This?

Wall of Suffering

1. Learn

Accumulate as Much Data as Possible about the World’s Problems Identifying and thoroughly understanding the details of the problems reducing the net happiness of the world is the necessary first step to solving them. We all need to work together to find the truth (i.e. facts and statistics) about every issue.


First Admit Ignorance, Realize Truth, Quiz

Relevant Public Policy Issues

Obstacles, Inefficient Resource Allocation, Irrationality, Biases, Anti-foreign bias, Anti-market bias, 15 Common Cognitive Distortions, Pessimistic bias, Make-work bias, Causes of Irrationality, Evolutionary Psychology, Tribalism, Overcoming Tribalism, Polarizing Thinking, Abolish Politics, Political Labels, Bickering Instead of Solving, Political Labels = Intellectual Prisons, Ignorance, Tyranny of the Minority over the Majority, Human Brain Article

Think by Numbers, Suffer by Numbers, Why Think By Numbers?, Logo Design, Site Design, Wisdom of Crowds, Benefits, Flaws, Problems, What is a problem?, Numbers are Boring, Vote!, Podcast, Establish Debate Forum Recording Setup, Google Hangouts, Solicit Debaters,, Bloggers, Celebrities, Send USB Recorders to Debaters, Blog, How to Obtain Eyeballs, Make it Entertaining, Gamification as Motivational Tool

2. Decide

Identify the Most Cost-Effective Solutions

Identify Most Effective Solution, 1. Brainstorm, 2. Select, 3. Evaluate

Problem, Suffering, Qualities of Suffering, How to Quantify Suffering, Cause, Solution

Crowdsourcing Utopia Project

Obstacle, No "Control Society" Exists, How to Overcome, Cost-Benefit Analysis on Solutions

Public Policy Change, Wait, Measure Suffering, Measure "Control Society"

Hedonometrics, Hedonometer, Neural correlates or pain and pleasure, What is the final common pathway of reward?

Potential Solutions, Hedonistic Imperative, Obstacles, Brain Research Needed, The Bottleneck, Wasted Societal Resources, Before Hedonistic Imperative, After Hedonistic Imperative, Quantimodo, Systematize Large Scale Scientific Studies or Happiness Maximization Techniques, MDMA as Medication, Problems, Neurotoxicity, Potential Solution, Society's view of drugs, Support legalization efforts, Psychedelics as medicine -, nonprofit pharma, Cannabis legalization/decriminalization will show prohibition to be a failure yet again, Support pharmacological researchers, e.g. David Nichols

3. Act

Helpful Steps

Allocate Resources, Charitable Foundation for the Abolition of Suffering

Crowdsourcing Utopia Website,, Crowdsourced Database, Types of Database Tables, Problems/Suffering Table, Solutions Table, Main Page, List of Least Effective Goals, Score and Rank Goals, Utilitarian Efficiency, Intensity, Duration, Certainty, Remoteness, Fecundity, Purity, Extent, Define, Utopia, Search Box, Utopian Goal Pages, What, Where, How, Who, Why, When, Components of Website, Data Accumulation, Web Data Aggregator, Google Trends, Innovation Futures, Individual Polling, Cost Calculator, Felificific Calculator, Data Analysis

Abolitionist Political Party

Potentially work with


Everyone Agrees with Us

Everyone is a Utilitarian, What Stops Us?, Solution


The Term Abolition, Good Because it Takes Advantage of Loss Aversion Bias, Loss Aversion

Establish constant cash flow

Profitable businesses

Research markets

Dave book?

Passive income

Monetize domains perhaps