Frankenstein Theme

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Frankenstein Theme by Mind Map: Frankenstein Theme

1. Science Gone Wrong

1.1. Creature

1.1.1. was not the perfect being Frankenstein imagined him to be: 8ft tall ugly etc etc

1.2. Replicant

1.2.1. after 4 years they have unstable personalities

2. Ambition

2.1. Victor Frankenstien

2.1.1. Victor wanted to create a n artificial being

2.2. Tyrell

2.2.1. created Replicants for service purpose to be a rich man

3. Nature vs Nurtue

3.1. If Victor did not run away, will the Creature become good or was it born evil?

3.2. Can Replicants be trained to be used for good?

4. Prejudice

4.1. both Victor and Creature has a grudge agains each other

4.2. replicants sort of have a grudge against Tyrell