Frankensten vs. Blade Runner

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Frankensten vs. Blade Runner by Mind Map: Frankensten vs. Blade Runner

1. Who is truly the monster?

1.1. Replicants are simply wanting what is granted as a basic to human beings

1.2. Monster also wants a normal life

1.3. Tyrell

1.3.1. Creating life but refusing to give them the same rights Lead to misery, anger

1.4. Victor

1.4.1. Letting Justine die in innocence Refusing to take care of the creature

2. Secrets

2.1. Victor's creation of the creature

2.1.1. New node

2.1.2. New node

2.2. Victor's scientific abilities

2.2.1. New node

2.3. Truth about William and Justine's innocence

2.3.1. New node

2.4. Frankenstein's crimes

3. Nature vs. Nurture

3.1. Society shaped creature's personality

3.1.1. New node

3.2. Society's usage and treatment of the Replicants led them to use their powers against humans

4. Revenge

4.1. Roy

4.1.1. on Tyrell for not letting him live longer Not taking responsibility of his life

4.2. Frankenstein

4.2.1. Kills Victor's loved ones Makes him lonely just like the creature

4.2.2. Refuses to leave him alone Request for a female creature

5. Ambition

5.1. Replicants' ambition to live longer

5.2. Deckard's ambition to save mankind

5.2.1. Become a hero

5.3. Victor wants to surpass existing knowledge

5.4. Walton's ambition to discover