Walk to School Bus

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Walk to School Bus by Mind Map: Walk to School Bus

1. Convenience

2. Exercise

3. This is a great way for children to get exercise, burn energy and get some positive endorphins flowing

4. Ease for working parents that their child will be getting to school safetly

5. Practice in road safety

6. Less traffic around the school zone

7. New node

8. Form new connections between peers and the local community

9. Environmentally Friendly

10. Community and schools working together

11. Saftey

12. Local community members such as parents of the school, uni students or retirees can volunteer to walk students within a few blocks to school, instead of using transport.

13. Social outlet for children

14. Children will be in larger numbers and have someone to take care of them from the community on their way to school

15. Sponsored scheme, no cost to schools or parents.