Factors that influence Gambling Behavior

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Factors that influence Gambling Behavior by Mind Map: Factors that influence Gambling Behavior

1. Type of research

1.1. Online survey

1.1.1. High anonymity

1.1.2. Application of analytics tools Google analytics Facebook/Social media analytics

1.1.3. Non-Judgement

2. Social Cultural factors

2.1. Social Factors

2.1.1. Influence by family members

2.1.2. Betting together with peers Betting to compete Betting because others are winning

2.1.3. Support by friends Financial support Betting Strategy tips

2.2. Cultural Factors

2.2.1. Betting support by society

2.2.2. Sports fan culture

2.2.3. Religion allows betting

2.2.4. All genders are allowed to bet

2.2.5. Age groups can bet

3. Psychological factors

3.1. Learning and Experience

3.1.1. Knowledge of sports

3.1.2. learning from friends how to bet

3.1.3. Early winning encourage more betting

3.2. Motivation

3.2.1. Winning to fulfill my financial obligations

3.2.2. Prospect of huge returns from betting

3.2.3. Betting to relieve stress and tension

3.3. Attitudes and beliefs

3.3.1. Betting platforms providing quality services website responsiveness Money reflects faster High privacy

3.3.2. Loyalty to betting sites Those sites with high odds than competitors

3.3.3. trust on betting platforms used

3.3.4. Satisfaction on services got on betting platforms Quick response to queries Betting tips provided Cash out services

3.4. Personality

3.4.1. Getting something without much thought

3.4.2. New and different experience by betting

3.4.3. Betting to chase losses Bet to increase chances of winning next time betting to recover what has been lost

3.4.4. Previous high winning possibilities

3.5. Perception

3.5.1. Betting as modern trend

3.5.2. perception that betting is safe

3.5.3. perception of betting being healthy entertainment

3.5.4. perception that betting have better payout

4. Personal factors

4.1. personal income allowing betting

4.1.1. High income more bets

4.1.2. Lower income lesser frequency to bet

4.2. Family Composition

4.2.1. More income to spare without family

4.2.2. family responsibilities, less betting

5. 4P's Marketing as influencer

5.1. Price

5.1.1. Odds being high or low High odds increase chances of betting

5.1.2. Pricing of betting Low prices for high returns Low price increase confidence to bet

5.1.3. High returns on jackpots

5.2. Product

5.2.1. Large choices of bets casino Live bets Virtual games Variety of sporting games

5.2.2. Vast information Different types of odds Chances such as double chances many bets within one bet simultaneous betting

5.2.3. Sharing of betting tips In social media platforms Within the bet showing game history

5.2.4. Use of digital forms of money to bet Bitcoin Debit cards Visa Mobile Money

5.3. Promotion

5.3.1. Promotion using live broadcasts in loved programs

5.3.2. Relatedness between choice of channels and what advertising sports that customer likes TV Billboards Radio Social media banners/poster

5.3.3. Sponsorship of the team supported by fan

5.3.4. Giving discounts on bets discounts on deposits discounts on multi-bets

5.4. Place

5.4.1. Access to internet

5.4.2. Access to mobile phones and mobile data

5.4.3. Convenience and accessibility online

5.4.4. Technology facilitates uninterrupted betting