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Referral and Assessment for Assistive Technology by Mind Map: Referral
for Assistive
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Referral and Assessment for Assistive Technology

Victoria Bash EDU620: Meeting Individual Student Needs with Technology (MRC1238B) Instructor: Sherry Leialoha-Waipa September 27, 2012

Step One: Referral for AT Assessment

Student Data or Personal Information

Medical data for vital concerns

Information about any technology or equipment currently in use

Background information regarding any related services provided previously

Step two: Conducting an assistive technology Assessment

Direct Observation

Congnitive Skills

Current use of any AT devices

Sensory Skills

Communications skills

Social Skills


Family concerns and expectations

Perceived needs and abilities of the student

Academic expectation

Diagnostic information

Medical information

Formal Assessment

Involves selecting activities in predetermined environments.

Step Three: The Individualized Education Program Team

Device Trials

The team decides that the student needs AT for access and support and determines the device or devices the student needs

This should be done on a trial basis

Step Four: Implementation of the Assistive Technology Device

Decision making / time to purchase the device


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