Unit 1: Contracts

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Unit 1: Contracts by Mind Map: Unit 1: Contracts

1. cancellation (n): hủy bỏ

1.1. Synonyms: annulment

1.2. Ex:

1.2.1. The cancellation of her flight caused her problems for the rest of the week

1.2.2. The cancellation clause appears at the back of the contract

1.3. Word families

1.3.1. Cancel (v): hủy bỏ

1.3.2. Canceled (adj): hủy bỏ

2. determine (v): xác định

2.1. Synonyms: ascertain

2.2. Ex:

2.2.1. After reading the contract, I was still unable to determine if our company was liable for back wages

3. assurance (n): đảm bảo

3.1. Synonyms: guarantee

3.2. Ex:

3.2.1. The sales associate gave him assurance that the missing keyboard would be replaced the the next day

3.2.2. Her self-assurance made it easy to see why she was in charge of the negotiations

3.3. Word families

3.3.1. assure (v) : cam đoan

3.3.2. assuredly (adv) : sự chắc chắn

4. engagement (n): đính hôn, cam kết

4.1. Synonyms: involve

4.2. Ex:

4.2.1. The engagement begins at 7:30

4.2.2. The entire office was invited to her engagement party

4.3. Word families

4.3.1. engage (v): cam kết

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6. abide by (v): tuân theo

6.1. Synonyms: conform

6.2. Ex:

6.2.1. The two parties agreed to abide by the judge's decision.

6.2.2. For years he has abide by a commitment to annual employee raises

7. establish(v): thành lập

7.1. Synonyms: set up

7.2. Ex:

7.2.1. Through her many books and interviews, Dr. Wan established herself s an authority on conflict resolution

7.2.2. The entire office was invited to her engagement party

8. agreement (n): hợp đồng

8.1. Synonyms: Contract

8.2. Ex:

8.2.1. The landlord and tenant were in agreement that the rent should be prorated to the middle of the month

8.2.2. According to the agreement, the caterer will also supply the flowers for the event.

8.3. Word families:

8.3.1. agree (v): đồng ý

8.3.2. agreeable (a): dễ chịu

9. obligate (v): bắt buộc

9.1. Synonyms: oblige

9.2. Ex:

9.2.1. The contractor was obligated by the contract to work 40 hours a week

9.2.2. I felt obligated to finish the project even though I could have exercised my option to quit.

9.3. Word families

9.3.1. obligation (n): sự bắt buộc

9.3.2. obligatory (adj)

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