Sophie's World

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Sophie's World by Mind Map: Sophie's World

1. Her Mind

1.1. Sophie obviously is a special sort of girl, because she does not dismiss these strange notes.

1.1.1. It makes her think of who she is, and makes her question everything she has ever known and learned.

1.1.2. "Who are you?" She had no idea. She was Sophie Amundsen, but who was that?" (3)

2. Analysis

2.1. She reads what this person tells her through the packets and then thinks in depth about them. When the question "Where does the world come from?" is presented to her, she wonders about God, and if he really exists.

2.1.1. "God had always existed. But she had already rejected the possibility! Everything that had existed had to have a beginning." (7)

3. Reasoning

3.1. When she reads how people take the world for granted she starts to wonder about everyone she knows.

3.1.1. Her mother is speechless and thinks her daughter is doing drugs because of the thoughts and questions Sophie comes up with. Sophie's reply is "Are you nuts? That only makes you duller!" (20)

3.1.2. It seems to her that even her friend is dull, because her friend is interested in playing simple games, and this simplicity bores Sophie, because of her new-found interests.

4. Growing Knowledge

4.1. Sophie is getting more thrilled with the fact that she can analyze and learn more about philosophy.

4.1.1. She is using her mind to learn more, and is not memorizing blindly facts and such of something she has to learn in school.

4.1.2. "She decided that philosophy was not something you can learn; but perhaps you can learn to think philosophically." (40)

5. Wonder

5.1. Sophie is more aware of her surrounding, and always wondering, because she wants to know what the world could have come to be, and who she would be if she was a different person. Sophie wouldn't be the same if she was named Lillemor, and she cannot even imagine herself so.

5.2. "She tried to imagine herself shaking her hands and introducing herself as Lillemor Amundsen, but it seemed all wrong." (2)

6. New node