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Theories by Mind Map: Theories

1. Theories of Learning

1.1. Constructivism

1.1.1. Problem and project based learning

1.1.2. Discovery learning, as well as collaborative

1.1.3. Vygotsky's zone of proximal development

1.1.4. Responsibility is on the learners

1.2. Cognitive Load

1.2.1. Processing information can over or under load working memory

1.2.2. In order for meaningful learning to occur, things must run smoothly

1.2.3. Ex: Over stimulation, learning in a different language, too much information going on

1.3. Connectivism

1.3.1. Process of creating connections and developing a network.

1.3.2. It is the learning theory for a digital age

1.3.3. Having up-to-date information, being accurate with the knowledge

1.3.4. The capacity to know more is more critical that what is currently known

1.3.5. Learning and knowledge rest in the diversity of opinions

1.3.6. Ex: Twitter, Facebook, Google, email


2.1. Technology, Pedagogy, Content

2.2. The interaction between these three areas

2.3. Technology- The use of technology in the classroom

2.4. Pedagogy- The method in which teachers present the information

2.5. Content- What the teachers is trying to teach, and the extent of their knowledge on the given topic

2.6. TPACK diagram

3. Theories of Technology

3.1. Media Ecology

3.1.1. Technology influences society

3.1.2. The medium is the message

3.1.3. low and high involvement

3.2. Social Construction of Tecnology

3.2.1. "SCOT"

3.2.2. Society and human action influence technology

3.2.3. Technology doe not determine human action

4. Philosophy of Teachnology

4.1. Teaching meets Technology

4.2. All teachers should have some kind of teaching philosophy, teachnology incoporates technology into that philosophy

4.3. Technology really helps engage students, so it is important to have it in your philosophy for teaching

4.4. Technology is ever changing, therefore teachers philosophy will change as well.