Learning Theories/Technology Theories

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Learning Theories/Technology Theories by Mind Map: Learning Theories/Technology Theories

1. Cognitive Load Theory

1.1. Magic 7

1.2. Schema/Scaffolding

1.3. Practice for retention

1.3.1. Mneomonics

1.4. Chunking


2.1. Humans shape technology

2.2. Social Construction of Technology

2.3. how technology is embedded in its social context

3. Media Ecology

3.1. How media affects humans

3.2. communication technology is the primary cause of society change

3.3. how our interaction w/ media facilitates/impedes our changes of survival

4. Constructivism

4.1. Teacher as facilitator

4.2. Knowledge is constructed from experience

4.3. Discovery learning

4.4. Vygotsky's zone of proximal development

5. Connectivism

5.1. Creating connections

5.1.1. network

5.2. using networks to learn & find information


6.1. Integration of technology, pedagogy, & content

6.2. masterful 21st century classroom focused on essential learnings applying good learning theory supported by technology

6.3. balance of technology, pedagogy & content to teach effectively & engage student's learning

7. Philosophy of Technology

7.1. Beliefs about integration of technology within the classroom

7.2. effective integration of technology within the classroom and school system

7.3. related to philosophy of teaching