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Theories by Mind Map: Theories

1. Technology

1.1. SCOT

1.1.1. Human actions shape technology, not vice versa

1.1.2. Technology's success cannot be attributed to being "the best" Which groups define what is "best" is important in determining why some technologies catch on and some don't users can be grouped based on their diverging or similar views on the technology. The concept of Relevant Social Groups.

1.1.3. Social Construction of Technology

1.2. Media Ecology

1.2.1. Study of media as environments. Concerned with how media and technology interact with human thought, emotions

1.2.2. Decreased compartmentalization leads to disciplines being combined into new metadisciplines

1.2.3. Interested in how humans are influenced by technology

2. Learning

2.1. Connectivism

2.1.1. Metadisciplines are the result of increased interconnectivity allowing previously segregated subject areas to be linked together

2.1.2. Knowing where to find information is more important than knowing the information

2.1.3. Learning happens in many ways, courses aren't the only way.

2.1.4. Currency: Accurate, up to date knowledge. The goal of connectivism

2.2. Constructivism

2.2.1. People learn by experience and reflection

2.2.2. Spiral model. Constant experience and reflection increases the power of students' ideas. An element of metacognition

2.2.3. Teacher as a guide, teaching "how to learn" while students experience the content themselves instead of having it "taught" traditionally

2.3. Cognitive Load

2.3.1. Overload of Working Memory prevents the development of schema

2.3.2. Schemas are how information is translated from Working Memory to Long Term Memory

2.3.3. If information does not enter Long Term Memory, learning is compromised