Sophies World

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Sophies World by Mind Map: Sophies World

1. Chapter 3

1.1. The Philosopher explains to Sophie why many people believe different things and it is because of all the different gods that people believe in.

1.1.1. Task 1

1.1.2. Task 2

1.2. Philosophers have tried to prove that the myths were not true because the myths didn't tell the true aspects of the world.

1.2.1. Call 1

1.2.2. Call 2

1.3. "Perhaps they could not live without such explanations." Sophie thinks about why most people need explanations of why things happen a certain way.

1.3.1. Meeting 1

1.3.2. Meeting 2

2. Chapter 4

2.1. "Theres no stamp on it. Its probably a love letter!" Sophie's mom doesn't know about Sophies "Class" she is taking on philosophy.

2.1.1. Task 1

2.1.2. Task 2

2.2. The three questions that the philosophers asked, even though Sophie thought they were stupid she could not get the questions off her mind.

2.2.1. Call 1

2.2.2. Call 2

2.3. Sophie thought it made sense that nothing can come from nothing because you need your basic elements to create something new.

2.3.1. Meeting 1

2.3.2. Meeting 2

3. New node

4. Chapter 1

4.1. "Who are you?" A letter came in the mail with this message.

4.2. "you are me." Sophie says this as she is looking in the mirror, but she still didn't understand what that ment.

4.2.1. Task 1

4.2.2. Task 2

4.3. "she felt like a doll that had suddenly been brought to life." Since the note had been delivered she noticed the world around her and all the details shat she otherwise would have missed.

4.3.1. Call 1

4.3.2. Call 2

4.4. Sophie then gets another letter that reads where does the world come from? this makes Sophie even more curious to figure out more about life and the world in general.

4.4.1. Meeting 1

4.4.2. Meeting 2

5. Chapter 2

5.1. What is philosophy? In this letter, the person describes how people think the world was created.

5.1.1. Task 1

5.1.2. Task 2

5.2. A Strange Creature describes how people think things are they way they are and people have many different explanations for. Philosophers try to summarize why tings are the way they are but because of what they believe in they dont listen to the philosophers.

5.2.1. Call 1

5.2.2. Call 2

5.3. "I will not be spoken to like that!" Sophie is rude to her mother and her mom explains why you are not supposed be mean to anyone.

5.3.1. Meeting 1

5.3.2. Meeting 2