SW Chapters 1-4

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SW Chapters 1-4 by Mind Map: SW Chapters 1-4

1. The Top Hat

1.1. In this chapter Sophie begins to ask why the teachers at school teach about such unimportant things, when there are so many more pressing matters.

1.2. She also receives her first lessons in Philosophy.

1.2.1. Lesson 1. "What is Philosophy?" (14) Talks about hobbies and philosophy, the meaning of life, and the rabbit fur analogy.

1.2.2. Lesson 2 "A Strange Creature" (17)

1.3. The teacher talks makes the analogy of the rabbit fur and learning. Really good analogy, really helpful.

1.4. The only thing required to be a philosopher is the ability to wonder.

2. The Garden of Eden

2.1. Just Sophie and her mom live in the house for the time being so that means Sophie has a lot of time alone to think

2.2. In this chapter Sophie receives to little letter that ask a question each.

2.2.1. "Who are you?" (4)

2.2.2. "Where does the world come from?" (7). Sophie can't really answer these questions but she does realize what a gift life is really.

2.3. She also receives a birthday letter addressed to a Hilde.

2.4. "At some point something must have come from nothing" (9).

3. The Myths

3.1. She receives another lesson called "The Mythological World Picture"

3.2. Philosophy is a new way of thinking that evolved around 600 BCE. Before that people used myths to answer their questions.

3.3. The lesson talks about the Myth of Thor and talks about how it was used to explain thunder, and therefore rain that helped the crops grow. They also used his story to explain the constant struggle between good and evil.

3.4. "...people found that there was a precarious balance between the forces of good and evil." (25).

4. The Natural Philosophers

4.1. Sophie receives three new questions in this chapter.

4.1.1. " Is there a basic substance that everything else is made of?"

4.1.2. " Can water turn into wine?"

4.1.3. "How can earth and water produce a live frog?"

4.2. She also receives new lessons.

4.2.1. The Philosopher's Project

4.2.2. The Natural Philosophers

4.2.3. Three Philosophers from Miletus

4.2.4. Nothing can come from Nothing

4.3. This chapter consists of lessons that talk about things being made of basic substances, because surely something can come from something just as nothing can come from nothing. It says that the substances could be earth, air, fire and water.

4.4. Sophie decides that philosophy was not something you can learn but perhaps you can learn to think philosophically!!!