Computing Curriculum

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Computing Curriculum by Mind Map: Computing Curriculum

1. Every child :opportunity to learn Computing at school, including exposure to Computer Science as a rigorous academic discipline.

1.1. Technical teaching resources often inadequate. Some schools already making exemplary use of microcontrollers and robotics kits alongside PCs, Many are not yet equipped to do so.

2. Consistent Language

3. Consistent langauge

4. Every child should be expected to be ‘digitally literate’ by the end of compulsory education, in the same way that every child is expected to be able to read and write.

5. STEM skills

6. Technical teaching resources are often inadequate.

7. Schools need to recognise that computer games can be used to enhance learning

8. Alogorithims, Architecture, Data Structure and Communication

9. shortage of specialist teachers able to teach Computing

10. The current delivery of Computing Education in many UK schools is Unsatisfactory.

11. Dwindling enthusiasm for Computing is now widely reported.

12. There needs to be recognition that Computer Science is a rigorous academic discipline of great importance to the future careers of many pupils.

13. New node

14. Access to whole curriculum

15. Lack of teacher programming knowledge

16. CPD for teachers

17. only 22% of teachers can write or correct a basic program

18. there is a lack of continuing professional development for teachers of Computing

19. Teachers

20. Computer Science

20.1. Universities need to better equipt new ICT teachers

21. Information Technology

22. Shut Down or Restart? Report

22.1. Rebrand ICT

22.2. Enhance and enrich

22.3. Uptake of Computing A-level is hindered by lack of demand from higher education institutions.

22.4. Computer Science skills v's current office skills

22.5. current national curriculum in ICT can be very broadly interpreted and may be reduced to the lowest level where non specialist teachers have to deliver it;

22.6. There is a need for augmentation and coordination of current Enhancement and Enrichment activities to support the study of Computing.

22.7. Ensure ICT as a rigorous academic discipline.

22.8. Features of school infrastructure inhibit effective teaching of Computing.

22.9. Lack of CPD for teachers of computing.

22.10. Shortage of Specialist Teachers

22.11. Contibutors to report are mostly academic

22.12. The industry need are?

22.13. The current delivery of Computing education in many UK schools is highly unsatisfactory

23. Next Gen

23.1. Teacher Knowledge

23.2. Digital Literacy

23.3. Forum for Joint working

23.4. Address gender imbalance in the subject

23.5. Re

23.6. New node

23.7. GCSE in Computer Science should be introduced in all schools and recognised.

23.8. Equipment

23.9. Too much focu on Office Apps

23.10. Ensure diversity

23.11. Teachers should prepare children for the workplace

23.12. New node

23.13. New node

24. Every child should have the opportunity to learn Computing at school, including exposure to Computer Science as a rigorous academic discipline.

25. New node

26. Can art amd Computer Science be intergrated?

27. The curriculum of the 80's was better equipt to teach computer science