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Theories by Mind Map: Theories

1. Technology Theories

1.1. SCOT

1.1.1. Social construction of technology

1.1.2. Technology is shaped by human actions rather than human shape technology (Media Ecology)

1.1.3. SCOT is used to determine the reasoning why technology does not work

1.1.4. Impossible to determine if the technology is "the best" because if the infinite number of criteria one must satisfy

1.2. Media Ecology

1.2.1. Play a role in human affairs Media environments Technology and techniques Different types of communications and degree of information

1.2.2. Communication affects human perception, understanding, feeling, and value

1.2.3. Technology affects the way we view the world rather than technology affecting humans (SCOT)


2.1. TPACK stands for Technology Pedagogy Content Knowledge

2.2. A theory that was created for educators to incorporate into their teaching techniques to be effective in learning

2.3. Important to have an equal balance between pedagogy, content and knowledge

2.4. Good teaching requires how technology is related to pedagogy and content

3. Learning Theories

3.1. Constructivism

3.1.1. New ideas are learned and built upon from past experiences

3.1.2. Guidance from teachers allows information to be learned. Teachers do not simply "read from a piece of paper"

3.1.3. Teacher's are more like mentors and guidance counselors

3.1.4. Students take responsibilities in their learning

3.1.5. Students obtain the material learned and apply it to everyday problems

3.2. Connectivism

3.2.1. A connection is made between the knowledge learned in class and everyday society

3.2.2. Students role is to figure out how knowledge learned can be applied to certain situations

3.2.3. A learning theory for the digital age

3.2.4. Learning can exist in forums, blogs, chatrooms etc.

3.2.5. The ability to find more knowledge and information is infinite and never ending

3.3. Cognitive Load

3.3.1. Working term memory

3.3.2. Long term memory

3.3.3. Relates constructivism and connectivism together

3.3.4. Only so much a person can sink in information at one time

4. Philosophy of Teachnology

4.1. Refers to an educators personal belief about how they should incorporate technology as a teaching tool

4.2. Due to the age of technology, it is inevitable for teachers to use technology as a tool as students are becoming more tech savy

4.3. Teachers must integrate technology in their classrooms in a way as to not interrupt the students learning

4.4. Must be a balance in the use of technology theory and learning theory