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Sophie's World by Mind Map: Sophie's World

1. Chapter 4

1.1. Sophie's mother finds a letter that she mistakes as love letter but is actually a philosophy letter from Sophie's secret teacher. "There's no stamp on it. It's probably a love letter!" (Gaarder 28)

1.2. Sophie's teacher really starts to dig into philosophy and the ideology behind it with the letter. It goes into great detail about philosophies major players in ancient Greece and also talks about all of the different mind sets people had at the time about life and how nature worked. It also talked about how some of the first really well known and well respected scientists were called "Rationalist Philosopher."

2. Chapter 1

2.1. Sophie gets the first letter that reads "Who are you?" (Gaarder 2) and then has an internal conflict trying to answer the question

2.2. Sophie then shortly after receiving the first letter gets a second that says "Where does the world come from?" (Gaarder 5). Sophie also has problems answering this question and then can not decide what to do with the two letters she has now aquired.

2.3. Sophie finds a note in the mail from someone she does not know and for someone she does not know but is unmistakably intended for her as well. With her mind blown, Sophie finishes out her day in peace.

3. Chapter 2

3.1. Sophie does not tell anyone about the letters and acts strange around her friend "Yuck! You're probably in love" (Gaarder 11)

3.2. Sophie receives 2 different sets of typewritten pages containing information of what philosophy is, why people would want philosophiers and what philosophers do.

3.3. Gets accused of taking drugs from her mom

4. Chapter 3

4.1. Sophie then gets a very large typed packet of the history of philosophy and more specifically mythology and the role that played in philosophy in c.600 B.C.E.

4.2. "A mythological world picture also existed in Greece when the first philosophy was evolving." (Gaarder 26)