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Rails 4.0 by Mind Map: Rails 4.0
5.0 stars - 4 reviews range from 0 to 5

Rails 4.0


BostonRB: what to expect in Rails 4.0

Ruby on Rails Guides: Rails 4.0

Rails 4.0 Whirlwind tour

Rails 4 in 30`

Why should I care about Rails 4 (video)

Rails 4 countdown to 2013

Rails 4: What's new (JangoSteve)

Get your app ready for Rails 4

[ Railscasts ] What's new in Rails 4

[ SD Ruby] What's new in Rails 4

[ EngineYard ] Rails 4, Part 2

[ EngineYard ] Rails 4, Part 1


ActiveRecord is a Ruby library that implements the object-relational mapping (ORM) design pattern. It creates a persistable domain model from business objects and database tables, where logic and data are presented as a unified package. ActiveRecord adds inheritance and associations to the pattern above, solving two substantial limitations of that pattern. A set of macros acts as a domain language for the latter, and the SingleTableInheritance pattern is integrated for the former; thus, ActiveRecord increases the functionality of the active record pattern approach to database interaction. ActiveRecord is the default model component of the Model-view-controller web-application framework Ruby on Rails, and is also a stand-alone ORM package for other Ruby applications. In both forms, it was conceived of by David Heinemeier Hansson, and has been improved upon by a number of contributors.

MySQL strict mode by default


Array, Rails pull request: add support for array datatype, Rails 4.0 sneak peek: PostgreSQL array support

A love affair with PostgreSQL [ Rails 4 countdown ]


int4range and int8range datatypes

Railscasts (pro): Hstore

Support for ranges (int4range, int8range, numrange, tsrange, tstzrange, daterange)

Concurrent indexing, Pull request, Concurrent Indexes for PostgreSQL for Rails 4 and Postgres_ext

Support for specifying transaction isolation level

Schema cache dump

Rails pull request: schema cache dump

Schema Cache Dump [ Rails 4 countdown ]


Rails pull request: pluck accepts multiple arguments

Accepts SQL fragments


Associations in Rails 4

'where.not' query method

original commit with ''

rollback of ''

Not Equal support for Active Record queries [ Rails 4 countdown ]

Add metadata (fingerprint, name) to schema_migrations

Bang versions of relation query methods


For internal use only

ActiveRecord::Base.all returns a Relation instead of an Array.

Add 'find_or_create_by', 'find_or_create_by!' and 'find_or_initialize_by' methods to Relation

Add CollectionProxy#scope

Add support for partial inserts

rename update_attributes to update

What's new in Active Record [ Rails 4 countdown ]

Method '.unscope'

Scope conditions are combined using AND

Transactions can be turned off per migration

'on' and 'off' are type casted into boolean

new migration helper 'create_join_table' for HABTM join tables

added 'Relation#find' and 'Relation#find_by!'

custom index type support


New deprecation policy

Turned into plugins

Hash-based finders

Dynamic finder methods, gem active_record_deprecated_finders

ActiveRecord::SessionStore, gem activerecord-session_store, ActiveRecord::SessionStore Gem extraction [ Rails 4 countdown ]


ActionPack: PageCaching, gem actionpack-page_caching, Page and Action Caching Gem Extraction [Rails 4 countdown]

ActionPack: ActionCaching, gem actionpack-action_caching

Asset pipeline, gem sprockets-rails, Sprockets Rails [ Rails 4 countdown ]

rails observers, gem "rails-observers", Observers Gem Extraction [ Rails 4 countdown ]

email address obfuscation, gem actionview-encoded_mail_to

ActionDispatch XML parameters parser, gem 'actionpack-xml_parser'


AR::Base.scoped removed


Eager evaluated scope, Ar.scope requires lambda

vendor/plugins (Rails::Plugin) removed

email address obfuscation removed from mail_to helper

ActiveRecord auto explain removed

Removed BestStandardsSupport middleware

has_many/has_one, :dependent => :restrict, instead use, :dependent => :restrict_with_exception, :dependent => :restrict_with_error

option ':distinct' for 'Relation#count' us deprecated, instead use, 'Relation#distinct'

update_attribute is removed, instead use, update_columns

helpers 'button_to_function' and 'link_to_function' were removed

removed ActiveRecord::Base#default_scopes?

removed 'fast_xs' support, instead use, 'String#encode(xml: :attr)`

command 'rails test' has been removed, instead use, rake test

removed public/rails.png

Deprecations (Rails 4 only)

manual upgrade of a cookie store, removed, config.encrypted_cookie_store, config.upgrade_signature_to_encryption_cookie_store

Updated test names and locations

memcache-client replaced with dalli

Dalli replaces memcache-client [ Rails 4 countdown ]



Routing concerns

gem routing_concerns


Routing Concerns [ Rails 4 countdown ]


Tenderlove: IS IT LIVE?

Live Streaming [ Rails 4 countdown ]

Rails 4 Server-Side Events with ActionController::Live and PostgreSQL NOTIFY/LISTEN

Strong parameters

RailsGuides: Ruby on Rails 4.0

Blog Ruby on Rails: Strong parameters

Upgrading to Rails 4: Parameters security tour

Pull request

Railscasts (pro)

gem strong_parameters

Strong parameters [ Rails 4 countdown ]

Rails 4 Quick Look: Strong parameters

Strong parameters in Rails 4


gem turbolinks

Introducing Turbolinks for Rails 4.0 geekmonkey

Turbolinks benchmarks from Steve Klabnik

Railscasts (free)

Turbolinks [ Rails 4 countdown ]


Russian doll caching, How key-based cache expiration works, Evening on Backbone.js/ Q&A with dhh, Russian Doll Caching and Cache Digests [ Rails 4 countdown [

Declarative ETags, Generate Controller-Wide ETags [ Rails 4 countdown ], gem etagger, commit

Rake::Cache disabled by default

Cache digests, Commit, gem cache_digests, Railscasts (free)

Rename all action callbacks from *_filer to *_action

Renaming *_filter to *_action [ Rails 4 countdown ]

Decouple ActionPack and ActionView

HTML5 tag helpers

New HTML5 Form Input Helpers [ Rails 4 countdown ]

Support for custom flash types


Register your own flash types [ Rails 4 countdown ]

Collection Form Helpers [ Rails 4 countdown ]

content_for with flush parameter


Threadsafe on by default

Railscasts (pro)

pull request

Rails 4 is thread safe by default [ Rails 4 countdown ]

PATCH verb instead of PUT

Edge rails: PATCH

Rails issue: use PATCH verb instead of PUT

HTTP PATCH Verb [ Rails 4 countdown ]

Asynchronous ActionMailer (postponed)

Rails 4.0 Sneak peek: Async ActionMailer

Rails pull request: Async actionmailer

Asynchronous Action Mailer [ Rails 4 countdown ]

Queue API (postponed)

Rails commit: queue implementation

Rails.queue [ Rails 4 countdown ]

ActiveModel::Model (removed)

Plataforma: barebone models to use with actionpack in rails 4.0

rails commit: add activemodel::model

rails commit: remove activemodel::model

ActiveModel::Model [ Rails 4 countdown ]

public/index.html is replaced by internal welcome_controller

Dynamic index.html [ Rails 4 countdown ]

add app/models/concerns and app/controllers/concerns to the load path


introduce folder ./bin for app's executables

introduce assert_not

Absence validation

ActiveModel Absence Validator [ Rails 4 countdown ]

Pull request

config eager loading



AS. Object#try can call only public methods


Default headers

RoR Guides: Rails 4.0 security

set escaping HTML in json encoding to true by default

Encrypted cookie store

Pull request