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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. No official recognition of the Ambassador role in Italy

1.1. difficulties in attending Ambassador seminars, PDW etc.

1.1.1. Sub task

1.1.2. Sub task

1.1.3. Sub task

1.2. difficulties in organizing training courses in presence

1.2.1. Sub task

1.2.2. Sub task

1.2.3. Sub task

2. Lack of time

2.1. projects and communities managing can be quite time-consuming

2.1.1. Sub task

2.1.2. Sub task

2.1.3. Sub task

2.2. difficulties in balancing the everyday school routine and the Ambassador activities

2.2.1. Sub task

2.2.2. Sub task

2.2.3. Sub task

3. good communication skills

3.1. online and in presence training courses

3.1.1. Sub task

3.1.2. Sub task

3.1.3. Sub task

4. confident use of ICT

4.1. support for project planning and managing

4.1.1. Sub task

4.1.2. Sub task

4.1.3. Sub task

5. wide net of relationships at National and International level

5.1. dissemination activities

5.1.1. Sub task

5.1.2. Sub task

5.1.3. Sub task

6. passionate about CoPs

6.1. Creation and management of online communities