Past Student Trailers

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Past Student Trailers by Mind Map: Past Student Trailers

1. Trailer 3

1.1. The editing cuts very sharply which doesn’t look very professional. The trailer doesn’t run very smoothly which trailer should. An unsteady camera looks amateur and not well filmed. For this type of genre the camera should be smooth. Hand held films give the sense of what the genre is however this trailer is not this type of genre. This is an action/children genre, this means this trailer should have loads of face paced clips and loads of colour to interest the audience; this trailer does not have these things. The actors used in this trailer is unrealistic, the actors used are over 16 which means this doesn’t conventionally go well with the ‘children’ genre. The low angle shot is suitable for this particular part but the lighting ruins the shot. It is very dark and the faces of the actors are unrecognisable. Some of the camera shots are inappropriate. An example of this is where the camera zooms in and out twice for not reason, there is nothing to look at. At one point, everything is silence and the camera is still, it suddenly zooms the cup. This doesn’t bode will with the trailer, there was no sound which does not interest the audience and doesn’t know what the audience should be looking at for. The music was adventurous and sounded heroic which is what this trailer is meant to be. The music is the best part of this trailer however other aspects did not reach the standard. It went nicely with the captions, the caption moves along with the music well. The credits was nicely laid out, yet again the caption ties with the music well. However before the credits were shown, “CREDITS!!!!!!!!!” appeared. This is not conventional. The use of punctuation is overused but also trailer does not use punctuation, doing so this has ruined the trailer. The trailer would have loss audience attention in a very short period time. The trailer not does reach what it is trying to archive which is an adventure genre.

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2. Trailer 1

2.1. • Shows distribution at the start, this follow conventions • “BE CAREFUL” builds up the tension also making the audience feel worried for her • The unfocused shot to the scrunch up paper then focused add meaning to what it said on the paper • Door opens which is diegetic sounds, the trailer does this to add realism • Caption of music and screen play is shown whilst the trailer goes on. This is much like a beginning of a movie not a trailer • At the beginning we see a girl worried which worries the audience then we see her point of view shot. I thought this was a good idea, this is much like inception trailer in the helicopter • Overall the trailer doesn’t really tell us a story • The audience will lose interest, there is no loop however I thought at some points the editing were really good

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3. Trailer 2

3.1. The distribution is conventional making the trailer look realistic. The images they have used for the company is suitable I well thought about. The silence at the beginning gives a sense of what type of film it is (thriller genre), the sound also gives a dark/cold atmosphere. The first shot of an extreme close up of an eye is frightening which can foreshadow what the film is about. The eye as well as the lighting draws the audience in because the audience is intrigued in why this woman is there. The camera zooms out of the eye and the music builds up, as the music build up so does the tension. The shot of her front and back gives a sense of an unknown place which she also has no idea where she is. This makes you uneasy and scared which is the right feeling for this particular genre. Showing various shots of her puts you in her shoes. High angle shot gives the character feeling vulnerable, trapped and isolated. A behind the shoulder shot of an unknown black clothed person, makes him mysterious and also making you feel frighten. The unknown person touches the woman’s face; this gives a sense of adultery. The shot of the weapons connotes violence. The music progresses and the unknown person grabs the knife. Non diegetic sounds of the knife are used to create realism and add an effect on the audience. The actor was used well in this trailer; the loud heavy breathing is realistic and keeps the audience interested. After the woman is killed, the music gradually builds up to the title, adding tension. The bloody font bodes well with the narrative and genre. However the pause on the title was slightly long. The music changes to an investigating/detective music. This can relate to what this man does as an occupation. The different angles of the man can connote different views what people have of him. For example, work colleagues would like him but criminal wouldn’t. Captions also appear when the angle change which conventionally does happen. The trailer ends with the man saying “do you know where they are now?”, this leaves the suspense throughout the trailer and makes you want to see the film however trailers don’t normally end like this so it’s different but original.

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