Transformations of the North

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Transformations of the North by Mind Map: Transformations of the North

1. Political

1.1. The government became more involved throughout the transformation because political machines ran the government. Political machines abused their government positions by stealing money from public funds through the use of kickbacks and graft which made them richer and the public more poor.

1.1.1. William Marcy Tweed, George Washington Plunkitt, and advocates of Tammany Hall

1.1.2. Political Machines would recruit citizens to commit election fraud meaning citizens would vote multiple times which would throw off the balance of the ballots.

1.1.3. Laissez-Faire allowed businessmen to do as they please

1.1.4. Political machines used kickbakcs and graft to make themselves richer. They tried to appel to the lower class promising improvement in jobs, housing, and working conditions when actually they didn't. this is because most of the money for the lower class was being stolen by these boss tweeds.

1.2. Boss Tweed

2. Economic

2.1. The economy during the transformation was under the control of the political machines. The political machines controlled how much money was being spent in what areas.

2.1.1. William Marcy Tweed, Georger Washington Plunkitt, and political machines and bosses

2.1.2. Political machines used honest graft and graft so they could steal money from the public. The railroad expansion led to an increase in jobs , transcontinental trade, and improved infrastructure.

2.1.3. Laissez-Faire made the government have no choice in economic decisions.

2.2. Piggy Bank (Money)

2.3. Industrialization

2.3.1. cheap steel expanded through the nation and elecricity was found and the telegraph was formed. This allowed wireless communication for private, info and buisness. This allowed trade to expand greatly

3. Social

3.1. Social life during the transformation made life more liveable for the lower class and more enjoyable for the upper class.

3.1.1. Development in Printing Technology made newspapers daily; and illustrations, comics, and more novels be published. Increase in literacy to about 90%

3.1.2. School became madatory under law.

3.1.3. People include immigrants and the rest of society immigrants coming in from all countries such as the Irish, the Germans, Italians, Slavs and the Chinese. These immigrants were flying in and they were hard to assymilate. most of them needed training because they came to America illiterate and causesd America to have a soicila drag(slow down) and the children would become worse.

3.1.4. City parks, theaters, and public works were developed because there was an increase in leisure times. this is because people started to have more extra time to attend these events.

3.2. Immigrants