Equiptment Rack.

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Equiptment Rack. by Mind Map: Equiptment Rack.

1. Who?

1.1. Could i talk to to get information?

1.1.1. Gardeners

1.1.2. Employees of garden centers

1.1.3. Manufactures of products

1.1.4. Stockists of products

1.2. Who is the target market?

1.2.1. Gardeners Occupation Recreation

2. What?

2.1. Needs to be held?

2.1.1. Main tools Strimmer Hedgecutter Leafblower Chainsaw Long armed Hedgecutter

2.2. materials should be used?

2.2.1. Research Metals Steel Robust Cheap Alluminium Expensive Lightweight

2.3. Differnt makes of Products are there that need to be included?

2.3.1. Research

2.4. Mechanisms need to be considered?

2.4.1. Locking meachinsms

2.4.2. Sliding mechanisms

2.5. Colours should it be?

2.5.1. Is this an important aspect to be considered?

2.6. Are the user needs?

2.6.1. Hold Equiptment Securely

2.6.2. Hold a number of products

2.6.3. Be easy to use

2.6.4. Be reliable

2.6.5. Be Sustainable and Durable (longlasting)

3. Where?

3.1. Is is going to be used?

3.1.1. Garages

3.1.2. Sheds

3.1.3. Shops? Garden centres Shops which stock garden equiptment

3.2. Could it be marketed?

3.2.1. Garden centres

3.2.2. Hardwear stores Eg B&Q

3.3. Could i gather information from?

3.3.1. Garden centres

3.3.2. Online stockists of products

3.3.3. Leaflets

3.3.4. Gardeners

3.3.5. Employees of Garden centres

4. How?

4.1. Should it be kept secure?

4.1.1. Reaserch : Locking Mechanisms

4.2. Should the equiptment be held?

4.2.1. Hooks

4.2.2. Clips

4.3. Is it going to be stood/hung?

4.3.1. Screwed to the wall

4.3.2. Bolted to the Ground

4.3.3. Free standing

5. Why?

5.1. Is is needed?

5.1.1. Nothing on the market

5.1.2. Tools needed to be stored and Secured

5.1.3. Insurance purposes