Quicksteps(focus on sport shoes )

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Quicksteps(focus on sport shoes ) by Mind Map: Quicksteps(focus on sport shoes )

1. 5. The advantages of bricks would be, a direct contact with the customer itself and the way the store looks will give a certain feeling to the customer so it is much more personal than via only the internet. Another advantage is, if the customer comes and eventually dislikes the model or the model does not fit correctly around the feet. We can always show them different types of models to sell. If the customer cannot take a transport to the city they can always go on our site for the ‘’clicks’’.

1.1. Sub Idea 1

1.2. Sub Idea 2

2. 2. We can put QR-code, When our buildings is going to be built in the city we make a huge QR-code in front of it without saying anything. We put it on A bill board in the city so that everyone sees it and wonders what it is. Internet site, where you can search information about our shoes and buy them with credit card our PayPal. Advertise on a sport program like SPORT 1

2.1. Problem 1

2.2. Problem 2

3. 1. Zhuofan Zhu(Frank) 12046337 Tobias van Veen 12083763 Joey Fontaine 12048259 Jerrel Nankoe 12067415

3.1. Action Point 1

3.2. Action Point 2

4. 3. Main shop in the city of The Hague. In the city of The Hague there expanding their Passage what gives us the opportunity to settle us there. With our warehouse in Scheveningen (close to the bay so easy for transport). Eventually we can expand to other cities, such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam enz… We chose for the Passage because the old one was very popular with store’s like Adidas and Apple so we think that the new Passage will be very popular to.

4.1. High Priority

4.2. Medium Priority

4.3. Low Priority

5. logo

5.1. Idea 4

6. 4. we would like to put the QR-code and the link of our home page on Facebook to attract more people to go to our website. As a consequence, our product selling online could contribute to an important part of revenue coming from.

7. 6. The first thing would be having a producer to produce the products and test them out, getting a good location and luring a good base of customer. While achieving these steps we should get a feeling of what the prices are going to be, do we promote 1 or more models and so on. Also before opening the shop we should use a good way of promoting our store, we will use this method: Putting a big QR-code in front of the (still in process) store and will not put a name nor any information about our product. Letting the customers get curious makes them talk about it and the story will be spread out. (Free way of marketing) The way to open is the second and important thing to do, the store should open with a good name and make a statement. (or else the curious customer could get disappointed) Making a good start it will attract customer and give us the opportunity to grow.

8. Disadvantage would be the costs for the building, the rent, furniture and the amount of items place able in the store itself. Advantages of ‘’Clicks only’’ would be like said before is not having costs for the rent, furniture and so on. Another advantage is the amount of models viewable for the customer is bigger and gives us a better chance to lure customers in having such a broad selection of models. Disadvantage would be not having the personal connection with the customer, not giving them a certain feeling with the company will not give them the feeling to choose this brand on a long term. Another disadvantage would be, the way of the payment. There could always be problems with the internet or Paypal so it is better to receive the money in your hands than via internet.