Donor profile and approach

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Donor profile and approach by Mind Map: Donor profile and approach

1. Where he's at

1.1. Passionate about adressing Ireland's unemployment issues

1.2. Sees the writing on the wall

1.3. Knows about the difficulty in starting new businesses

2. What he sees as future solutions

2.1. Broadly agrees community action is the way forward

2.2. Is not skeptical about our business model

2.3. Likes our approach

3. His current position

3.1. High net worth

3.2. Has got good cashflow

3.2.1. from business or property

3.3. May have donated before

3.4. Working in industry currently thriving

3.4.1. Pharma

3.4.2. Medical devices

3.4.3. IT

3.5. Involved with organizations outside his work

3.6. Is active in fields related to LSI

4. How to find him

4.1. Personal contacts

4.2. Ask well connected people of this profile for introductions

4.3. Ask G Magna

4.4. Let others who are in the know review this approach

5. How he can benefit

5.1. Donate - sponsor a town that otherwise would languish

5.1.1. Number of towns we animate depends on number of sponsors

5.2. Gets quarterly reports on progress with his adopted town

5.3. May be investment opportunities further down the line

5.3.1. LSI are currently researching a business plan for an investment trust that deploys assets such as a containerized bakery Will contain valuable assets Resistant to currency delvaluations

5.4. Will be recognized as the sponsor for that town

5.5. Have an influence on how LSI operates and deploys its infrastructure

6. What we need €

6.1. Need €400 / month to animate 1 town for 1 year

6.2. If cannot afford it, club together with a few others

6.3. Or lump sum

6.4. Need 10k for catalyst base wage

6.4.1. More wealthy philantropists

7. How to present to him

7.1. Explain our story through engagement tool

7.1.1. Communicate goals # of towns to be animated € spending to be diverted locally in each Jobs to be created Indicate theoretical possibilities Establish realistic % of that

7.1.2. Our story

7.2. Go through narrative of a model prosperous community

7.3. Show our process

7.4. Answer key FAQs

7.4.1. Build these up over time