Classification of Impacted 3rd Molar

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Classification of Impacted 3rd Molar by Mind Map: Classification of Impacted 3rd Molar

1. According to Angulation

1.1. Mesioangular impaction

1.1.1. Least difficult in extraction

1.1.2. 43% of occurance

1.2. Horizontal impaction

1.2.1. 2nd least difficult

1.2.2. 3% of occurance

1.3. Vertical impaction

1.3.1. 3rd difficulty in removal

1.3.2. 38% of occurance

1.4. Distoangular impaction

1.4.1. Most difficult angulation

1.4.2. 6% of occurance

2. Relationship to anterior border of the ramus

2.1. Class 1

2.1.1. the mesiodistal diameter of the of the crown is completely anterior to the anterior border of the ramus

2.2. Class 2

2.2.1. Half of the tooth is covered by the anterior portion of ramus

2.3. Class 3

2.3.1. Impacted 3rd molar is completly embeded in bone of ramus of mandible

3. Relationship to occlusal plane

3.1. Position A

3.1.1. Occlusal plane of impacted tooth is at same level of occlusal plane of 2nd molar

3.2. Position B

3.2.1. Impacted tooth with an occlusal surface between the occlusal plane and the cervical line of 2nd molar

3.3. Position C

3.3.1. Occlusal plane of impacted teeth is below cervical line of second molar

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