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Classification of Impacted 3rd Molar by Mind Map: Classification of Impacted 3rd Molar
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Classification of Impacted 3rd Molar

According to Angulation

Winter's classification According to the long axes of the impacted third molar in respect to the long axes of second molar

Mesioangular impaction

Least difficult in extraction

43% of occurance

Horizontal impaction

2nd least difficult

3% of occurance

Vertical impaction

3rd difficulty in removal

38% of occurance

Distoangular impaction

Most difficult angulation

6% of occurance

Relationship to anterior border of the ramus

Pell and geregory classes

Class 1

the mesiodistal diameter of the of the crown is completely anterior to the anterior border of the ramus

Class 2

Half of the tooth is covered by the anterior portion of ramus

Class 3

Impacted 3rd molar is completly embeded in bone of ramus of mandible

Relationship to occlusal plane

Pell and geregory position The depth of the impacted tooth compared with the height of the adjacent 2nd molar

Position A

Occlusal plane of impacted tooth is at same level of occlusal plane of 2nd molar

Position B

Impacted tooth with an occlusal surface between the occlusal plane and the cervical line of 2nd molar

Position C

Occlusal plane of impacted teeth is below cervical line of second molar


Created for SaudiDent by: Dr.Murad Alrsheedi @alrsheedi