Zannah's Gallup Strengths

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Zannah's Gallup Strengths by Mind Map: Zannah's Gallup Strengths

1. Get started!

1.1. Use toolbar to add ideas

1.2. Key shortcuts

1.2.1. INS to insert (Windows)

1.2.2. TAB to insert (Mac OS)

1.2.3. ENTER to add siblings

1.2.4. DEL to delete

1.2.5. Press F1 to see all key shortcuts

1.3. Drag & Drop and double-click canvas

1.4. Find out more?

1.4.1. Online Help

1.4.2. Use Cases & Templates Personal Todo List Vacation Planning Meeting Minutes Project Plan more...

1.4.3. Tools and Gadgets Offline Mode Geistesblitz Tools Email & SMS Gateways Offline Mode

1.5. My Geistesblitzes

1.5.1. Check out

2. Consistency

2.1. I think that everyone has rules to live by in life. No one is exempt from them.

2.2. I don't care if you were given some advantage that I don't, good for you, just don't take advantage.

2.3. Live and let live

2.4. Everyone is one and the same, we all try to be different but we are all still so much alike, so we should be treated that way.

3. Intellection

3.1. Lots of time spent in solitude

3.2. Nothing in my head is in order until I can think about it

3.3. Thinking helps me sort out my past present and future.

3.4. There is always some noise in my head at all times. I am constantly talking to myself up there.

3.5. All my ideas must first develop inside before they can become something

4. Analytical

4.1. I take nothing on faith

4.2. There is no point unless you have proof

4.3. If you tell me something then I will research it, just to make sure you know what your talking about

4.4. Alot of people claim these unreal things, I go out and find the truth

4.5. Sciennce is marvalous because it can reveal the truth. It can also lie, so it takes the right person to handle it.

5. Harmony

5.1. Argueing is pointless, but there is nothing wrong with a heated debate.

5.2. Whenever two friends fight Ilet them vent to me, but I don't get involved.

5.3. live and let live.

5.4. There is no need to start an arguement, but if someone else starts it you can end it

6. Activator

6.1. Good ideas need to be put into action

6.2. I may not like leading but when I have a good idea I put things into place so that it can happen

6.3. it feels good to be in charge.