Antonia's Strengths

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Antonia's Strengths by Mind Map: Antonia's Strengths

1. Deliberative

1.1. I'm a very private person. I'm careful and vigilant.

1.2. I'm very introverted and terrified to be judged.

1.3. i dislike leaving situations unsolved, it's better to lay the problem to rest.

1.4. I tend to keep personal things to myself

1.5. i like to be serious when it comes to uncomfortable situations.

1.6. making friends is very difficult for me, because i'm a very private person.

1.7. planning ahead is an advantage, gives me a chance to fix something if it goes wrong.

1.8. i'm not concern if an individual doesn't like me.

1.9. i'm not a judgmental person.

1.10. i tend to live more safely and responsibly, i don't live carelessly.

2. Restorative

2.1. finding out what effects have on a problem helps me understand how i can fix it.

2.2. i enjoy fixing personal problems, rekindling relationships and making someone feel better is all worth the hassle of figuring out the problem.

2.3. its easy for me to solve some problems, because i've already solved it before. it gives me confidence in solving it again.

2.4. its easy to solve someone else's problems, but when it comes to my own, its very difficult.

2.5. helping others comes very easily to me.

3. Harmony

3.1. i dont like to argue. i like to find a way where everyone can agree.

3.2. i think fighting is an absolute waste of time.

3.3. i like to keep people with an open mind and find something everyone can agree.

3.4. i think keeping an open mind could change your views.

3.5. i think confrontation isnt the best way to share your views.

4. Consistency

4.1. equality is super important to me. i'm not one to judge.

4.2. to me, it doesnt matter what you wear, whats your past is, or what your sexual orientation is, i'll make an effort to be nice to you.

4.3. a person being treated differently, is absolutely unfair and uncivilized.

4.4. i think everyone should be able to show their worth, without being judged. it shouldn't matter what they've been through.

4.5. in my eyes, everyone should have a chance to shine.

5. Responsibility

5.1. its very important to be responsible. i try my best and i don't like to let people down.

5.2. i try everything i can to accomplish what a person has asked me to do and i will do it right.

5.3. if i fail to accomplish the task, saying sorry or making an excuse wont make everything better.

5.4. my family tends to come to me when they need something done,

5.5. taking on so much is frustrating, but i do my best to finish the task,

5.6. i try everything i can to accomplish what a person has asked me to do.