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Beatrice by Mind Map: Beatrice

1. Dignified

2. Dissatisfied

3. "Cant have her Eddie"

4. "you think im jealous of you?"

5. "You're not a baby anymore"

6. "you get it from beatrice"

7. "I was going to wash the walls"

8. "Oh B... My B..."

9. "Buy a new tablecloth"

10. "When are you going to let her go?"

11. "They're safe?"

12. "They will think this house is like a palace"

13. "too big of a heart"

14. "He died in her arms"

15. Dignified

16. Forgiving

16.1. New node

17. Aware

18. Welcoming

19. Caring

20. Protective

21. Anxious

22. Mild

23. Loyal

24. Jealous

25. Traditional

26. Fearful

27. Turn on

28. Kind

29. Feminine

30. Beatrice's role

30.1. She is Catherine's blood related aunt, guardian of Catherine

30.2. Viable alternative for lusting after Cathrine

30.3. New node

30.4. Beatrice is made simple to show how the life within the family is simple, a man works and a man died.

30.4.1. She is the louis and mike of the family

30.5. She forgives him at the end, Eddie dies in the arms of someone who is most important to him

30.6. Eddie dying in Beatrice's arms changes our opinion on the situation

30.6.1. Suggests that all along she was the one for him, and nothing can change that She is picking a side, detaching herself from society, consciously going against one sicilian values. Going along with one value- standing by your family

30.7. Beatrice is one of the causes of Eddie's downfall

30.7.1. Also his salvation- voice of his rationality

30.8. Only person on Eddie's side

30.9. The more maternal she is, the more complete she is, the more it expects the same thing from Eddie

30.10. Her maternal figure, helps identify Eddie's unsureness of father figure

30.11. To show how much their culture means to Red Hook, and how much Eddie loves Catherine

30.12. She is a constant. So we know that if Eddie sorts him self out, their marriage gets back on track- makes Eddie seem more unwild

30.13. Obstacle? Gets in the way of every bit of desire and yearning

30.13.1. In the way of Catherine & Eddie

30.14. Centre of everything

30.14.1. Catherine creates it, Beatrice is always there

30.15. Provides a contrast to Catherine

30.15.1. Cathrine is young, american while Beatrice is the opposite, old, sicilian

30.15.2. Beatrice is the right choice, Catherine is temptation and vice

30.16. Beatrice brings up her child to beat her achievements

30.17. Dramatic foil to Eddie

30.17.1. She is rational, logical, clear defined job descriptions (mother, wife)

30.17.2. Eddie is all over the place, while Beatrice is constant and easy to catagorize

30.18. Keeps a lid on things, as she tries to keep everything the way it is supposed to be, the traditional values

30.18.1. When something goes wrong, keeps everything stable

30.19. Fully aware of everything going around

30.19.1. Boxing New node New node

30.19.2. Eddie loving Catherine

31. Marco

31.1. Adjectives

31.1.1. Brave

31.1.2. Strong

31.1.3. Kind

31.1.4. Solid

31.1.5. Hardworking

31.1.6. Honorable

31.1.7. Loyal (family)

31.1.8. Brotherly

31.1.9. Dependable

31.1.10. Inspirational

31.1.11. Respectful

31.1.12. Sicilian

31.1.13. Honest

31.1.14. Powerful

31.1.15. Ethical

31.1.16. Dominant

31.1.17. Moral

31.1.18. Mellow

31.1.19. Curtious

31.1.20. Just

31.1.21. Ponderous

31.1.22. Simple


32. Rodolpho

32.1. Adjectives

32.1.1. hello