Technology Theories

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Technology Theories by Mind Map: Technology Theories


1.1. TK=Technology Knowlege

1.1.1. How we successfully use technology in the classroom

1.2. PK=Pedagogy Knowledge

1.2.1. Our teaching style which consists of our Teaching Philosophy

1.3. CK=Content Knowledge

1.3.1. The subject area we are teaching

1.4. TPACK is the intersection of all of the above areas TK,PK and CK. We have a huge overlap in how technology is inside our pedagogy and content. What we are missing is how all three interact and overlap with each other in our classrooms. We need to support the integration of technology into the classrooms and schools. We use our pedagogy and technology in order to teach the content of the curriculum we must deliver to students.

2. Philosophy of Teachnology

2.1. Consists of Pedagogy

2.2. Teacher's personal beliefs on technology

2.2.1. How useful is technology in conveying the content of curriculum?

2.2.2. How will students respond to the technology?

2.2.3. We can empower students to help them learn new skills while having fun on the computer.

2.3. Improves students literacy by using new technologies

2.3.1. examples are blogging or playing learning games

2.3.2. watching videos and making power points to engage other listeners and new audience members (other students) students take control of their own learning environment students will use skills for future jobs

2.4. Scaffolded pedagogy

2.4.1. Allows kids to learn and develop by having a teacher watch them and provide a safe environment to learn inside of

2.5. YouTube Rhetorically Whole:

2.5.1. VOTE=

2.5.2. Visual

2.5.3. Oral

2.5.4. Textual

2.5.5. Ethical

2.5.6. All of these are examples used in which shows how technology can expand on students rhetoric which is the basis of education

2.6. No more lecturing

2.6.1. Out of style and kids are bored with it

2.6.2. Kids want hands on learning

2.6.3. Kids can control their learning environments and feel a sense of achievement because of this