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Caption by Mind Map: Caption

1. Definition

1.1. Caption is brief description, heading, or title that identify or introduce a document, graphic, photograph, or table. It is consist of additional information which available in the pictures/photos. Usually it’s located below the picture itself.

2. General Structure

2.1. Title

2.2. Lead

2.3. Section Heading

3. Language Feature

3.1. Exclamation

3.2. Question

3.3. Adjective Phase

3.4. Present Tense

4. Tips

4.1. Using simple present tense

4.2. There are 5W + 1H

4.3. Written in complete setence

5. Kind of Caption

5.1. Identification Bar

5.2. Group Identification Bar

5.3. Cutline

5.4. Summary

5.5. Quote

5.6. Story Telling Caption